WWE CEO Vince McMahon is reportedly interested in buying Sunderland

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It’s very important to get this in early and say this is highly unlikely, but it’s worth imagining what “Sunderland til I die” season 3 would be like if Vince McMahon actually bought Sunderland.

It’s been rumoured that Stewart Donald is looking to sell the club, and this Twitter account has tried to suggest that WWE owner Vince McMahon is the man behind a rumoured takeover bid:

It’s worth saying that the Sunderland fans have been through enough so this probably wouldn’t be good news for them, but it would be a terrific story if it came true.

The last season of Sunderland til I die featured a fairly dis-likable chap who’s grand idea was to introduce loud music – so you have to think Vince would immediately top that with pyro, individual entrance music and videos and probably a steel chair or two.

From a business side Vince McMahon is a very rich man, but he’s also famous for being stubborn and occasionally struggling to thrive in a business where his company is the only show in town.

Vince taking over at Sunderland would lead to all kinds of media opportunities and potential crossovers between football and wrestling, and it would be an incredible thing to see.

You have to think that a 74 year old man with zero experience in “soccer” would have no interest in taking on something this big, but he’s also a man who can’t deal taking no for an answer and he always wants a chance to prove everyone wrong.

It would be truly amazing if this actually happened, but it’s hard to see it ending well from a Sunderland point of view.

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