Top class manager reveals he would now take the Barcelona job despite rival connections

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It’s always easy to be loyal to an old employer when things are going well, but times change.

It was always suggested that Mauricio Pochettino wouldn’t take the manager’s job at Barcelona because of his legendary status at city rivals Espanyol, but a recent report from the Mirror suggests he’s had a change of heart

They point out that the former Spurs man claimed he would rather go and work on a farm than manage Barca, but he’s changed his mind and would now take the job.

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It’s easy to be cynical here and suggest that this change of heart has coincided with him not managing to find a role with a major club since leaving Spurs, while the Barca job appears to be the biggest one that could become available soon.

Pochettino has claimed that those farm comments were just him laying it on thick to try and deny a rumour, but it wasn’t ever serious.

He showed at Spurs that he can get a team to play good football while also getting decent results, but his lack of silverware would be a problem for a team like Barca.

There’s no suggestion that he’s being lined up by Barca at this point, but this could be his attempt to soften relations for the future.

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