‘Most insane comment I’ve ever heard’ – These fans can’t believe what Jamie O’Hara has said now

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The nature of football punditry, if done right, sparks debate.

Opinions are what keeps football talk interesting, particularly if you don’t necessarily share the same views as your friends, or indeed the pundits on radio or TV.

However, sometimes comparisons are made which are so outlandish as to stop people in their tracks.

They’re often made by irate callers into radio programmes minutes after they’ve watched their team lose and whilst their blood is still boiling.

As such, whilst there’s a certain entertainment value, the crux of their argument is flawed.

Sometimes the ball is on the other foot, however, and it’s what a pundit or pundits have said that grinds the gears.

That’s exactly what’s happened to Jamie O’Hara who, whilst speaking on talkSPORT, suggested that managing Bournemouth were a bigger club than Rangers and that Gers manager, Steven Gerrard, might get more recognition if he were, perhaps, to take over at the Vitality Stadium.

Needless to say, that it hasn’t met with universal agreement on social media with Rangers fans in particular getting hot under the collar.

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