“Pathetic” – Arsenal come under fire for mass redundancies while paying Mesut Ozil £350k a week

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The running of a football club is a curious thing, because there wouldn’t be a club or any other jobs associated with the team if it weren’t for the players and success on the pitch.

Finances in football are absurd and we regularly see teams who will pay millions of pounds a year to someone who doesn’t make it onto the pitch, yet those behind the scenes are always the first to go at the slightest whiff of trouble.

Things came to a head at Arsenal today when the club confirmed that 55 members of staff were being made redundant due to the coronavirus crisis:

Attention will immediately turn to players at the club who earn a lot of money and will be kept on at the expense of those staff members, and Mesut Ozil is the Arsenal scapegoat anyway.

It’s vitally important to point out that this isn’t Ozil’s fault in anyway – he was offered a contract by the club and he has nothing to do with the long term business decisions.

It comes down to those running the club and the decisions they’ve made, and there’s plenty of criticism coming their way – and the situation with Ozil is an easy stick to beat them with:

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