Details confirmed for Arsenal vs Liverpool in the Community Shield

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It’s very hard to get excited about the glorified pre season friendly that is the Community Shield, but there might be some things to take from it this season.

The game will be played between Arsenal and Liverpool after their respective triumphs last season, and Liverpool have confirmed some details about the game on their Twitter account:

They do confirm that fans won’t be allowed to attend the game, so the only way to watch it (legally) will be on BT Sport in the UK.

The outcome of the game won’t have a lot of meaning unless either manager is desperate to put it towards their trophy count, but it might tell us some interesting things about the upcoming season.

Liverpool will be under a lot of pressure to continue their success from last season, so getting off to a good start will be vital. Arsenal should feel confident after getting results in the big games recently, so this could give us an idea of how good they could be.

Of course the most fitting result would see a game played with no tempo that ends in a draw and goes to penalties, but hopefully there will be something to be learned from the fixture.