Opinion: Two recent moves demonstrate that Real Madrid’s overall approach has changed

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Every summer we’ve become used to Real Madrid throwing money at their problems and hoping that some flashy signings will be enough to topple Barcelona, but there are genuine signs that a lot of things have changed.

It’s likely that the change in approach has come from financial pressures and a realisation that Barcelona are in a mess and won’t challenge as much going forward, but it’s been building for years.

Real have slowly been collecting some of the most talented youngsters in world football, and their two recent transfer decisions show that they are finally going to start trusting their own young players.

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The midfield is getting older so players like Luka Modrid and Toni Kroos will need to be replaced, but it looks like Dani Ceballos and Martin Odegaard will finally get a chance to fill that void rather than spending money on new transfers:

Obviously it’s a blow for Arsenal and Real Sociedad when you consider they would be hoping to keep hold of the players for at least one more year, but it will be exciting to see how this turns out.

Even though Real Madrid have been building to this situation, there was always a feeling that they might lose their bottle and revert to type by spending a lot of money again.

Of course it’s probably been forced upon them by the financial situation, but they should also be very exciting to watch if the youngsters get a chance to play.

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