Bayern humiliation means Barcelona won’t do this for the first time in 12 years

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It always felt like Barcelona were a long shot to win the Champions League, mainly because they can’t defend and they have no tactic beyond “give it to Messi and see if he can do it all himself”.

Even the poorer Barcelona sides in recent years have shown fight and a willingness to work hard for each other, but that was missing tonight.

There were so many examples of defenders simply turning their back and not committing to a challenge, players switching off and allowing Bayern to attack the ball whenever they wanted and the worst thing of all – players who looked scared of the ball.

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That final point is an absolute disaster for Barcelona when you consider how much they pride themselves on playing possession football, and it’s clear that a serious rebuild is needed.

They will take a lot of pelters in the next few days, but Sport have just reported that this is the first time in 12 years that Barca won’t end the season with a trophy, and that shows how bad the current situation really is.

It’s clear that a lot of things will need to change at the club, but how long will it take them to be competitive again?