“Try to find a partner”: Bernardo Silva hits back at Liverpool fans with an astonishingly savage tweet

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We’ve all seen that the footballing supporting community on Twitter is interesting to say the least, but an interesting pattern has started to emerge.

It actually looks like some people prefer winding up others and gloating in their failure rather than celebrating the success of their own team.

That was evident last night as plenty of fans piled on anything to do with Man City after their Champions League failure, but it sounds like the Liverpool fans have riled Bernardo Silva in particular:

Anyone who’s ever looked at a Barcelona tweet will know it’s immediately swamped with videos of the short corner from Liverpool’s Champions League comeback over Barca, so they were always going to enjoy this.

It’s understandable that Silva might be a bit upset after his team lost last night – especially if you happened to see the BT coverage it appears they were defeated by a set of absolute no hopers who were lucky to even be at this level.

It appears that the Man City man sees these fans as being a certain stereotype – perhaps still staying at home with their parents and lacking in any romantic company, but this is not a good look for Bernardo at all.

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