Big problem for Ronald Koeman as Barcelona Presidential candidate fires ominous warning

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For fans of clubs in the UK the very idea of a club holding elections to appoint a president seems absurd, but it’s common practice in Spain.

The Real Madrid elections of the 2000’s were always entertaining as each candidate lined up to claim they would sign various world stars, but it was obvious that they couldn’t keep those promises.

Things seem a bit different with Barcelona and their upcoming elections, and this could be an absolute nightmare for the club and Ronald Koeman if it plays out this way:

To suggest he wouldn’t keep him on no matter what happens is some absurd short sighted thinking, and it shows he’s looking to assert his own plans even if that comes at the club’s expense.

Barcelona are crying out for a popular coach who stays in the job for a few years and guides them back towards the things they pride themselves on – playing good football, developing young players and winning trophies.

If a new president decides to tear it all up and start again no matter what then it simply stunts that recovery, so it’s not the best manifesto to go into an election with.

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