Real Madrid star reveals secret meetings with Roman Abramovich that almost resulted in a Chelsea transfer

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It used to be the case that tapping up in football was a massive no-no and the authorities would get involved and punish teams, but now it’s so common that players will happily talk about it.

The Guardian looked at a book that’s due to be released by Real Madrid star Luka Modric, and it’s incredible to hear the efforts that Chelsea made to secure his signing.

He goes into detail about being taken to France by his management team, only to be bundled into van with tinted windows that led him to a speedboat that took him out to a yacht.

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The yacht was owned by Roman Abramovich, and they spent some time chatting about why Spurs weren’t the right team for him and why moving to Chelsea would be a great career move.

The entire scene is fascinating and almost terrifying, as he goes into detail about his security detail and the way they acted, it sounds like something straight out of a James Bond film.

He also talks about how Spurs continued to reject any transfer offers from Chelsea and how that angered him, so eventually he ended up at Real Madrid instead.

It looks like his new book will be a fascinating read, and it does make you wonder how he would’ve fared at Chelsea if Spurs had allowed the move to happen.

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