‘I have to try and organise something’ – Demba Ba wants to see Uighur solidarity protest

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After the incredible success of the Black Lives Matter protest and the nature of the same in all of its ongoing forms, Demba Ba is keen to see the focus switched to other causes.

Noting that when elite athletes get behind a cause they have the power to ensure change, Ba wants an urgent fight for justice for Uighur muslims because of their alleged treatment at the hands of Chinese authorities.

According to BBC Sport, the Chinese government have forced women to be sterilised and separated young Uighur children from their parents.

Furthermore, it’s believed that more than a million Uighurs have been taken to prison camps where claims of torture are rife.

“The Black Lives Matter movement is stronger when non-black people step up for it,” Ba told BBC Sport.

“When are we going to see the rest of the world stand up for Muslims?

“I have to try and organise something so football players can get together and, in the meantime, talk about this matter because not a lot of people want to.

“I know there are footballers who want to fight for justice, whether Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, any belief.

“As sportspeople, we have a power we don’t even know. If we get together and talk, things change. If we stand up, people stand up with us.”

Clearly, this is a situation which requires a much more robust investigation than that which has happened previously.

Ba shining a light on the Uighurs plight is laudable, but whether football is the right vehicle to take such a stance forward is a moot point.

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