Former Liverpool ace admits he intentionally tried to hurt Sergio Ramos as revenge for the injury to Mo Salah

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Dejan Lovren was always quite entertaining during his time at Liverpool, but it seems like he’s happy to say whatever he wants since moving to Russia with Zenit.

While most fans will remember the nightmare that Karius had in the Champions League Final defeat to Real Madrid, many Liverpool fans will still hate Sergio Ramos for the way he took Mo Salah out of that game.

There’s no doubt that it had a huge impact on the outcome of that match, and a report from Egypt Today will interest Liverpool fans – and it should endear them to Lovren even more.

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He spoke about catching Sergio Ramos with an elbow while playing for Croatia after that match, and it sounds like it wasn’t a total accident either:

“I deliberately hit Ramos after hurting Salah? Yes, this is possible. I do not want to make a big story, but I think that what Ramos did was intentional to injure my friend, so it was It is time to pay for what he has done.”

 “We were playing much better than Real Madrid before Salah was injured in the Champions League final. His exit was a big blow for us, after his exit, they began to dominate the match.”

 “Luka Modric tried to reduce the tension between me and Ramos, and we were facing Spain together with the Croatian national team, and I deliberately hit him with my elbows and told him that we have drawn now.”

“I respect Ramos as a player and what he does for his team. He has won a lot of titles, but on the other hand, he does some behavior that I do not like and harm the players.”

It’s an interesting one because you can’t really condone a player going out of their way to hurt anyone, but it’s also hard to deny that Ramos didn’t have that coming.

There’s no doubt that he’s a world class player and he’ll go down as a Real Madrid legend, but if you will act in that manner on the pitch then you can’t be truly surprised if it comes back to get you at some point.


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