‘What’s that all about?’ – Paul Ince and Robbie Savage in live TV bust-up

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The Europa League final was certainly one for the ages, with Sevilla winning a five-goal thriller 3-2 against Inter Milan.

However, there were also fireworks in the BT Sport studio, as two ex-professionals in Robbie Savage and Paul Ince had a bust-up during the live broadcast.

According to the Daily Express, Savage was ribbing Ince about his mistake during the midweek coverage, after the former Manchester United midfielder made a gaffe not knowing that Arsenal’s Thierry Henry had a statue outside the Emirates Stadium.

“What a way to go out in his last game for the football club – win a trophy, and you never know, there might be a statue of him outside the stadium,” Savage remarked, in relation to Ever Banega playing his final match for Sevilla.

However, Ince was none too happy and ensured that he quickly got a dig in of his own.

“What’s that all about? Do you know what I mean?” he said.

“Listen, I got it wrong, I apologise to the Arsenal fans, I got it wrong but at least I’m not… I don’t know how old Robbie is but he’s still got a ponytail in his hair. I don’t know what he’s doing with himself.”

Savage does seem to make a habit of winding up studio guests or former players.

It may be his personality or the fact that he just rubs people up the wrong way, but no one can forget the time he tried to dig out John Terry, only for the then Chelsea player to put him swiftly in his place.

Perhaps Savage would do well to keep certain opinions to himself in future.

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