Arsenal fans will love this as report details a key sacrifice that Gabriel is making to sign for the club

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Football is an odd thing because every player at the top level makes more in a week than most of us will make in a year, so it’s hard to feel much sympathy for a player when they could be earning more money.

As fans all we really want is a player to buy into the culture of the club and wear the badge with pride – even though we know that money will be the motivation most of the time.

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It’s probably why players who follow the money get a bad reputation. We all know that finances in the game are out of control, but it’s nice to have the illusion that it’s still a sport rather than a business.

It finally looks like Arsenal are going to sign Lille defender Gabriel Magalhaes, and this report suggests that he could’ve made more money if he chose to accept other offers:

Although it would be naïve to think he’s not going to earn a lot of money anyway, this is huge for Arsenal fans because it shows he’s bought into the club and there’s something more than money that made him decide to move there.

It’s also promising for the future if Mikel Arteta is impressive enough to new signings to convince them to reject other offers to join his project at The Emirates.

All of this will change if someone comes in with a huge offer and turns his head at the last moment, but it does look like he’s finally going to be confirmed as an Arsenal player.

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