Bayer Leverkusen troll Neymar and fans after mistake following Bayern’s Champions League success

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It seems some couldn’t tell their Bayern’s from their Bayer’s on Sunday night as Leverkusen received praise for the hard work of those in Munich.

Bayern saw off Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League final to emerge as champions of Europe, but it appears as though there was a bit of mix up for many, including PSG superstar Neymar.

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As seen in the tweets below, Leverkusen trolled the Brazilian ace and a number of fans after they mistakenly sent congratulations their way after the game.

Perhaps it’s understandable for some fans and possibly it was just a little slip up from Neymar as he obviously knew who he was playing against, but the German side’s admin team never miss a beat and they have earned a reputation for being hilarious with their social media antics.

Well, they weren’t going to get this one slide and they ensured that they took advantage with a few cheeky tweets aimed at those guilty of the mishap…

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