Agreement reached: Liverpool and Bayern agree terms on Thiago Alcantara transfer

It was widely expected that Liverpool’s efforts to sign Thiago Alcantara would ramp up after the Champions League final, and it looks like things could be done pretty soon.

He’s been a key part of the Bayern midfield for years and he was instrumental in their victory over PSG on Sunday, but he’s also 29 so this is the ideal time for him to chase one final transfer.

While the rumours have been flying around for weeks, it’s now been suggested that an agreement has been reached between the clubs for his transfer:

The report doesn’t indicate that there’s likely to be any issues when it comes to agreeing personal terms, so it looks like he could be a Liverpool player very soon.

It’s going to be fascinating to see how he gets on because he’s completely different to the other players at the club, while he’ll also give the team a genuine world class playmaker in the centre of the pitch.

He’ll need to learn how to fit into the system but he should be good enough to handle that, so this could make Liverpool even more formidable next season.

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  1. Adefemi kamorudeen adewale says:

    Is very good playmaker

    1. Dominic Ozigbo says:

      Adefemi Kamorudeen Adewale?

      Is he really that good a player? ?

      You’ll never walk alone.

      1. Abdul says:

        The guys world class!!!

  2. Dominic Ozigbo says:

    We’re, sure, Liverpool.

  3. Abdulkarim umar says:

    He will be good at Liverpool squad. He is a good player. We need him

  4. Ahmed Kumah says:

    is it true

  5. Cocou kata says:

    our new maestro is in

  6. Bob Smith says:

    Anyone who has seen him play wouldn’t ask such a question the fact he has played for Barca Bayern and now Liverpool tells you all you need to know he plays simple but brilliant balls all over the park and can pick out a runner in tight spaces and will fit in with Liverpool’s front three just fine but it places a massive doubt over Kieta and not Gini

    1. Ollybo2000 says:

      U’re correct bro, I’ve told many people that it only going to affect keita not win.

  7. Tenabon Kilsi says:

    This is the kind of signing we shouldn’t gamble with, This go has proven it alright for several times not even it the recent champions league matches. So he should be playing for us at an field. Walk on to your dream and you’ll never walk alone @Thiago Alcantara.

  8. Tenaabon Kilsi says:

    This is the kind of player we shouldn’t gamble with. Thiago has proven that he’s a good player severally now even in the recent champions leagues for Bayarn. Walk on to your dream and you’ll never walk alone @Thiago Alcantara.

  9. Gary says:

    How come the breaking news isnt breaking elsewhere,typical,

    1. Rashka Al-Hadadi says:

      Welcome to Anfield and LFC Family…..what a player

  10. JAN RAZ-NICK says:

    Thiago in. £27M…… GiGi to Barca……£27M
    Sarr in. £30M…..Shaqiri out. …£25M
    Origi out. £20M…….Brewster to First Team Squad.
    Ajer in from Celtic £20M….
    Wilson to be sold for £20M.
    Leaves us £15M in profit and a Squad to win the Prem again and again.

  11. Nathan Tipping says:

    Would be amazing player for Liverpool. So many years of experience and exactly the type of player they need!

  12. Deepak says:

    What a signing he will be for Liverpool. A complete player and will only add quality to the Liverpool side

  13. Eric asante says:

    Is this real? Or rumours?

  14. K-Raus says:

    I think Thiago will be a fantastic Midfielder for Liverpool, and Gini will be a better midfielder for Barcelona. I’ll miss Gini, but he has more goals and assists for The Netherlands in 8 Euro qualifiers playing as a CM in their system than he has in the past 2 years combined for Liverpool. He’ll be better utilized under a Dutch coach, and we’ll likely get a good amount of money for him.

  15. GERALD says:

    Wow this is the deal we were waiting for ,,,,???Thiago will make a difference in the mid

  16. Maxi says:

    Thiago will be a massive addition to our team. He is a kind of player who can make goals and win big games for us #YNWA

  17. CBright says:

    Thiago Alcantara You’re Welcome To LFC The UK’s Best Football Club

  18. Prince A says:

    He won’t be able to perform well

  19. Kabir says:

    Will need it

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