Civil war starting at Barcelona as the club want to take Messi to court but players past and present support him

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It’s only been about two hours since the confirmation came through that Lionel Messi told Barcelona that he wanted to leave, and this could get very messy if the club don’t handle it properly.

It all kicked off earlier on when Messi informed Barcelona that he was planning to leave the club, but he also wanted to invoke a break clause that would essentially allow him to leave for free:

You instantly knew that nobody at the club would want to be remembered for playing a part in allowing Messi to leave for free, so they hit back with a threat to take him to court and demanded his €700m release clause:

Things took another twist when Carles Puyol tweeted in support of his teammate in a real show of class, but now it looks like we could have a full on civil war as Luis Suarez has publicly replied in support of his best friend and teammate:

This always looked like a tough job for Ronald Koeman, but it’s going to be a nightmare for him if he’s got players in open revolt as he tries to turn things around.

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  1. A strike by all the players against Bartomeu, if there was any courage, would have been a better solution than this humiliating situation for the Club and for the fans! Barcelona is not Bartomeu!

  2. My personal opinion is :
    1) Barcelona Management must do everything possible to convince Messi to continue to play in Barca. Let they ask Messi what will be his demands to remain in the club. If they agreed with Messi concern it and do his demands – then Massi must announce officially to everybody that is ready to continue to do his best for Barcelona in the future;
    2) If Messi does not want to continue to play in Barcelona and no any condition are possible to change his decision to leave the club, than let he to announce this now and then Koeman to know how to be built Barca future club ( with Messi or without Messi ). Nobody can not force Messi to continue play for Barca and if it is against his wish;
    3) If Messi decision to leave the club is final, then the both parties must agree what will be the best variant and how it to be done ( with less damages and in interest of the both parties ) how soon is possible. For example – Messi to go to PSG and Kiliam Mapbbe to replace him in Barcelona. Then PSG Management is possible to demand from Messi and Neymar to win UEFA Champion League next 20/21 season and Barcelona Management to start to build new best future team now / immediately.
    4) Barcelona Top Management must do everything possible to recover Barcelona team in the best way and after the biggest disappointments to all Barcelona fans in the last 4 years.


    Valentin Kovatchev.

  3. Honestly we all indian know Barcelona becoz of Messi… I personally spend money to visit comp nou becoz of Messi, we spend all night to see fcb match becoz of him.. last so many years I spend sleepless night, if Barca loss we cry, we love fcb becoz we thought fcb take care of there player with respect… but sorry we can’t see Messi fcb carrier end like this… we will unflow fcb / Spain, we love u leo. Go to city we will flow u… do u guys any idea how many people watch fcb from india we r 1.4 billion people, if just 25% watch tv what is the TRP of that channel adds etc, just think fcb manager / board members ? we r the fan with watching power of ur team. U just wait for the final news, how many people will inflow u, thanks

  4. Bartomeu & Co has already spoiled things at Barcelona.They only care about business side and neglect the sporting side of the club.Millions of euro has been spent on players who are not supposed to be in Barca squad,they just add burden to an already skyrocketed wage bill.
    The most painful thing is that they became clueless in trying to ship out unwanted players who are not in club’s plan.It’s under this administration that things fall apart with La Masia where young gems troops out in search of first team opportunities in other clubs or country entirely and within short span of time burst out.Eric Garcia,Dani Olmo and many other wonderkids slipped away and now they track back to re-sign them in millions of euro.La Masia is poorly managed.
    They should have understand that not all players can play Catalan’s way and as such shouldn’t spent such huge amounts on that kind of players.
    Some sees Messi as more of a problem at Barca,I love him so much,I consider him the greatest footballer ever,no player gave me joy in soccer like him,I would like to see him continue here,but if they thought selling Messi will bring back stability then it’s ok but I’m scared of this administration’s decisions.They squandered Neymar’s transfer money and will do the same if Messi is sold.
    This house has fallen.

  5. I get surprise every time I read messy story of this kind. Instead of building the team up, you guys are trying to break its foundation. I’m sick and tired of reading crypt like this. I wish I never had eyes to read this disheartening story, but, I pray it gets bettered.

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