Lionel Messi’s decision to quit Barcelona came after harsh words from Ronald Koeman in their meeting

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While it’s been clear for a while that Lionel Messi has been thinking about leaving Barcelona, you had to wonder if a change in manager would reinvigorate him.

Ronald Koeman’s appointment as manager should result in a new era and hopefully he will steer the club back towards their traditional values, and many would think that Messi would be excited at the thought.

A recent report from Football Espana has confirmed that the two did hold talks, but it actually sounds like Koeman may have forced him out the club instead.

They quote AS in saying that Koeman told Messi that “the privileges were over”, and he made it clear that he’s going to focus on the team rather than pandering to individuals.

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It sounds like his plan was to create a system that Messi would be expected to fit into rather than building things around him, but you could also argue that’s exactly how football should be.

Messi is getting older and he doesn’t work anywhere near as hard as he used to, so Barca couldn’t rely on him in the defensive phase at all.

While it’s possible that these claims are just a result of someone putting two and two together but coming up with five, it would be very interesting if it’s true.

If a football team ever allows a player to become bigger than the club then they are always going to have issues, but you could also argue that Messi is so good that it’s still worth it.


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  1. Barca President should resign, charged to court and sentenced to death for damaging one of the greatest footballing team ever. I wasn’t falabbergasted at Leo’s decision to request a transfer, i did do same with a criminal like Bartomeu in charge. Fans should even take the war to his door step, force him out and he should pay with his blood. I hate Bartomeu and did kill that reckless criminal for damaging my darling Barca, a team i love with my breath!!!

  2. “The privileges were over” this is the basic truth From koeman but can Barca do without Messi as things stand, 2008/09 back Ronaldinho left in the mid of crisis Messi emerges, if Messi left Ansu Fati should takeover, am sure things will be okay, the club is better than any individual, Power vested on Messi was too much. Thank you Messi for service rendered.

    1. he’s done so much for the club but now its the club’s time of paying him back by listening to him and letting him go.

  3. koeman is anxiouse. pertience should be the first atittude to adopt. Barcelona is not just a football team but the best football team in the world
    and messi is one of his kind. His contribution is absolutely needed in modern football.

  4. Well in this case,it is right for the player to make decision herein, weather he want to stay in the club or want to make an exist,so I see no reason why the club management should either take this whole matter to court ,Messie hasn’t been the first person ever in the history of football to take such decisions by transferring to other club of his choice So pls allow him play for other clubs if that he intend doing. .

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