Harry Maguire has been offered a wonderfully simple way of overturning his conviction in Greece

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It’s vitally important in any civilised society to have respect for law and order, while also trusting that the legal system will act in a proper manner to deal with any wrongdoing.

It’s likely that we will never really know what happened in that night in Greece where Harry Maguire was arrested and eventually given a suspended prison sentence, but the Greek police haven’t exactly covered themselves in glory.

The Manchester Evening News confirmed that he was found guilty swearing, resisting arrest, bribery and assaulting a police officer, while Maguire completely maintains his innocence.

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The problem with that ruling is those are some astonishingly serious charges, so you might think they would’ve stopped him from flying home to avoid attending his trial and being put in prison.

It absolutely looks like the Greek police have made a total mess of this and are trying to save face, but a more recent report from The BBC has taken it to new levels.

They report that a member of the prosecution team has suggested the outcome of his appeal will likely go in his favour if he simply says sorry, which doesn’t seem to fit.

Are we really meant to believe that anyone in Greece can go around slapping a few police officers, swear at them and attempt to bribe them and it will all be okay if we just say sorry afterwards?

The report from the MEN confirms that Maguire intends to clear his name, so it sounds like the Greek prosecution team are trying to push him to apologise because that then becomes an admission of guilt.

This could go on for months if not years….

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