Man City have another financial fair play problem as PSG blow them out the water with offer to Lionel Messi

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While financial fair play was heralded as a ground-breaking moment that would make football fairer, all it’s really done is widen the gap between the few elite teams and everybody else.

The situation surrounding Man City’s Champions League ban last season was also a total farce, so it’s hard to tell if anyone should take them seriously any more.

Lionel Messi has been making headlines recently after announcing that he wants to leave Barcelona, but nobody really knows where he can go.

You have to fancy that there will only be a handful of teams in world football who could actually afford to sign him, so a report from Tycsports makes for interesting reading.

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They seem to suggest that PSG and Man City are the two teams who are making a real effort to sign him just now, while Messi is though to be favouring a move to City as it allows him to link up with Pep Guardiola again.

They state that PSG have completely blown City’s offer out of the water by making a contract offer that’s higher than what he gets now, while they are also confident that they could pay a big transfer fee to Barcelona to make this happen.

They go on to point out that City have a problem here because they simply cannot match the offer due to FFP restrictions, so it will be interesting to see what they do here.

We’ve seen before that City know their way around the FFP very well and Messi could even decide to force the move to The Etihad, but it certainly sounds like PSG are in pole position when it comes to finances in their offer.

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  1. man city were cleared of uefas lies. they used a hacker ,who is now in prison. desperate to find anything on city,because city would not bow down to their games. meanwhile united spend as much as they like with uefa blessing while being 700 million in debt.

    1. Yes, I quite agree, there is another conundrum here though, how can P S G spend what they like when they like, they earn less on every front against City’s earnings and yet U E F A remain totally silent in regard to P S G

  2. man city have already offer €100M + jesus, bernardo silva and garcia to barca, for me as a barca fan messi should ‘Go’!

    1. City haven’t offered that at all, some shite “news” outlet, desperate for clickbait made it up and the morons on Twitter have lapped it up! Jesus is a £100m player, Bernardo is valued at more than that and City have already said they want £20m+ for Garcia, so there’s the best part of £250m with just those 3, then you want £100m on top of that? Engage some braincells eh!

      1. Two issues need to be underlined first:
        1. Jesus, Silva and Garcia could go to avoid financial fair play problem !
        2. Neymar asks Paris Saint-Germain to sign Lionel Messi ahead of Manchester City!

  3. Maybe the fact that the Chairman of PSG is on the board at UEFA or that Platinis son is the finance Director of PSG. The whole thing is a farce to protect the old guard , in business if all the top businesses in their field agree to set prices its called a cartel and is illegal. When Platini is championing FFP to protect the clubs against overspending, hes also accepting 1.3m euro bung off Blatter

    When you think that FIFA is so corrupt it gets brought down by the FBI and the hierarchy of UEFA are also embroiled in the corruption, Platini gets banned for 8 yrs, how can these organisations champion fair play , when its the absolute opposite of what they have been doing.

  4. City are a very well organized and astute club: they know what they are doing on and off the field: so let’s not panic. 3 top players plus 100m for a 33-year old is a non starter. Garcia and Angelino Plus 100m maybe?
    We need Jesus and Silva to build a future: Messi together with Aguero is a short term dream that will make City the best team in the world, no doubt: but at the same time we have to build a team for the future.

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