Chelsea want Real Madrid to pay £60m for star as they look to finance further deals

While Chelsea have done a great job of addressing their defensive issues this week, it won’t mean much if they don’t do something about the two midfielders in front of them.

Jorginho and Kovacic are both great footballers and look brilliant when they have the ball at their feet, but they aren’t good enough to shield the back four.

It might be that they are just too similar to work as a combination, but they don’t press with any intensity or win the ball back on a regular basis, so opposing teams can play through them with ease.

That needs to change next season and N’Golo Kante should be the ideal solution to the problem, but Football Insider have suggested that he could be sold instead.

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They claim that the ultimate aim is to find a way to add Declan Rice to the midfield, so the French star could be expendable.

It sounds like the current situation is that Real Madrid have registered their interest, while Chelsea are demanding around £60m to let him go.

Real have had some well documented money problems this summer so it’s hard to see them spending that much money, so the possibility of Rice ending up at Stamford Bridge does look slim.

If nothing happens and Kante stays then Lampard should still be looking to use him as an energetic ball winner next to Kovacic or Jorginho to at least give the back four some protection, so it will be interesting to see how all of this plays out.

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  1. Nasir says:

    Is better to leave Kante in the team than to bring Rice, too much of British in a team is not good.

    1. Jason says:

      That was a really Racist sounding comment… 70% of Chelsea FC’s players are foreigners by the way! ????

    2. tobi says:

      Yes o ,lampard want to turn chelsea team to england team

    3. Hamxy says:

      Nice one brother (?)

  2. Abenigo collins says:

    Let kante stay

  3. Matthew says:

    Let kante stay please he is very much needed at Chelsea

  4. Jack says:

    Let kante go,great player but his time is up

  5. samuel olatunji says:

    let kante stay it good in middle he can gain ball from his opponet

  6. Smart ukene says:

    Cfc still need kante

  7. Caleb DA silva says:

    Pls don’t touch kante instead swap jorginho with rice

  8. Abdulsalam says:

    Is better to leave him go to another club kante

  9. Simon Zephania Mngadi says:

    Kante must stay ,why English players always preference.

  10. Zach says:

    Chelsea FC – please do NOT sell Kate as we have the world best defensive midfielder.. Even at 28 years old he’s worth £100 million!! He’s a very loyal and great player for Chelsea. We need him to win titles please…

  11. Khalito says:

    Why can’t you let go Barkley and Jorginho instead?? Lampard should stop this nonsense

    1. Abton says:

      True Kante is great, he must stay

  12. Amos says:

    let him stay

  13. jerald kyalo says:

    don’t let kante go is great than declain rice

  14. jadash says:

    let kante stay he is a wonderful footballer. think twice before embarking on any business

  15. Ajang lampard says:

    Buy Declan now.
    He is better than kante.

    1. Ebenezer Walkers says:

      Brother, l glitz to configure you on the comparison you frame up that Declan Rice is regular in handling the defensive midfield area potentially than Kante. But nevertheless Kante is a breach of player who is crativated with versatile style of playing football and also possess a wonderful probability of winning dangerous balls from every angles on the pitch . Kante is also capable of some precise opportunities in any match day fixture. I have the view that Kante must stay in chelsea due to the caliber of players been brought to team within the transfer market .

  16. Ismail knt says:

    Don’t allow kante to leave we need him much please

  17. Rizky says:

    come on bruh, kante is proven world class already. atleast let this team win ucl first before we bring in another mediocre player

  18. DAVID says:

    Let kante stay kante is machine.

  19. Jamilu Musa says:

    Let kante be available in team bcos is the very nice and empressive player.chelsea in need players like kante at the moment.

  20. Adam Baluwa says:

    Let Kante stay, he is strong.

  21. Frank says:

    Let kante stay. Let Chelsea fc not be England fc.

  22. shola says:

    lampatd is doing some mistakes how can you sell cante for rise in what level? in football is kante and rise mate? he want to send all players out to bring only british player to chelsea but he should. remember Abrahmovich is wathing single mistake his gone I trust the man .

  23. Bensniper says:

    Although Kante’ is a very important player in our team, I feel like his time is up owing to injuries he has had, especially last season where he spent much of his time while battling with injuries. I think it will be a smart piece of business for Chelsea.

  24. Boma says:

    Why would Lampard prefer Unreliable English players to others?.Kante is the only versatile midfielder Chelsea have now.He shouldn’t go anywhere.

    1. Atanas wafula says:

      Kante is still an active and dependable player.better lampard quit and pochettino come

  25. Sly says:

    Kante time is up famz let him go

  26. Santos says:

    Cante’ is very good player who can bring good things to the team especially now that Franky is doing great thing to restructuring the squad. So I think he’s much more needed now .

  27. Joseph Ikotun says:

    Due to the injury rampage season that Kante had last season,I think this is the right time for him to move on if they can pay the right money.

  28. james says:

    Late Kante Stay he is a ball winner in middle field for Chelsea FC

  29. Sammy says:

    Kante is good but Rice is parfect in that position. Jorginho should either be sold or loaned.

  30. Femi says:

    We still need kante in our team pls

  31. Adaptability says:

    As a Real Madrid fan, I am not sure why would we buy Kante. We have Casemiro already and Kante is 29, he is going to be 30 soon.

  32. Nen says:

    Kante is instrumental to the club, letting him go will be disastrous.

  33. Adeoye says:

    Don’t sell kante because of rice

  34. Anthony says:

    Hmmm. Rice for kante is madness. Please sell jorghino , he is not good defensively. Swap rice for center back, seel zuma and Emerson instead of kante. Don’t make silly mistake.

  35. Emmanuel says:

    Bring D Rice but in swap deal with Rose, Jorginho, Covacic but not Kante.
    Then Kante should be giving time to restrengthen and well recovery from his injury, he will appear & prove his qualities when the season had gone far and help Chelsea succeed all there goals easy.

  36. Emmanuel says:

    If Franky doesn’t wish to work with Kante then Kimich from Bayern Munich should be the ideal of replacement not D Rice

  37. commy says:

    kante is needed

  38. usman soja says:

    let’s kante stay because Chelsea fans we need to see him at the team

  39. Ijaga adinani says:

    In the midfield of Chelsea I want to see jojinoh out and they should add aperson to partner with kante,kovavic.strikers wener,giroud and Abraham are enough.wings pulsic ,Hakim havert, Mount and odoui are also enough

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