Liverpool given Thiago Alcantara ultimatum from Bayern – Threat of other clubs coming in is very real

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Every single transfer that gets drawn out will feature a counter rumour eventually where another club has suddenly shown an interest in the player.

Usually that’s just the result of an agent or a selling club getting tired of waiting about as they try to force someone into action, but this looks like Liverpool could have an issue with Thiago Alcantara.

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The Bayern man has been linked with a move to Anfield for weeks, and most of us expected things to move quickly once Bayern’s season was over.

Unfortunately there’s no sign of anything happening soon, and it appears that the European Champions have given Liverpool an ultimatum – pay up or someone else will:

Finances in football are ridiculous so you can never tell what represents value – but you have to think that a team like Liverpool can afford to pay £30m on this occasion.

Thiago would add a totally new dimension to Jurgen Klopp’s midfield with his ability to control the game and unlock a defence when a game is tight, so adding a world class player for that price seems like a no brainer.

If Liverpool genuinely can’t afford to pay the fee then that’s totally understandable, but if this is a case where they are just trying to shave a few million of a fee then they will be criticised if the deal falls through.

Of course this could just be a strategy from Bayern to get Liverpool to pull their finger out, but it appears that other clubs are starting to circle and Thiago would be a brilliant signing for so many teams.

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  1. There is still a month to go before the transfer market closes !
    Obviously there are issues otherwise we would have bought him by now.
    Several fringe players need to go to build up a pot so that future purchases can be made.(Origi,shaquiri,Wilson) with Gini unsettled
    By Barca talk and Koeman showing interest along with Mane
    Comments.another centre back and attacking midfielder would be
    Great…but only if the money is there

  2. I think Liverpool is reserving money to buy a central defender and a striker. Although Thiago is very good, he is not their priority right now. However if Thiago costs 20m pounds or less, they will jump not to miss the chance.

  3. lfc is becoming a problem in terms of buying quality pklayers now …the buyers are becoming too budgetive…now they are covering with the outbreak of Covid pandemic like as if it has hit Liverpool city only…other teams are spending and buying quality yet they have won nothing in terms of triphies…watmore of our team,we have won and pocketed large sums of money but the buyers cant afford to buy a player costing above 20m..they got to be seriuos

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