Video: Partizan defender Soumah does a decent impression of The Rock as he drops the People’s Elbow on a Vojvodina player

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You can always tell that something wonderful has happened if a lesser known league gets a lot of attention, and Partizan Belgrade have stepped up to the plate for Serbian football today.

Unfortunately the reason is needless violence rather than silky football, but we all enjoy a good scuffle every now and then.

Unfortunately this isn’t really a scuffle, it’s just the Partizan defender doing a fantastic impression of The Rock’s finisher “The People’s Elbow” as he properly connects with an elbow to the face:

Seydouba Soumah with a WWF move on Nikola Drin?i? [LingLong Tire Super Liga Srbije] from soccer

This might be the most nailed on red card you will ever see, but amazingly it’s not the worst thing that a Partizan member of staff did today….

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