Another Barcelona star looks set to follow Messi’s lead by staying when a transfer looked certain

It seems remarkable to think that we’ve spent the last couple of weeks trying to decide what Lionel Messi was going to do, only for him to announce he would be staying at Barcelona after all.

It’s likely that the whole circus will return next summer when his contract expires and a transfer will be possible, but this recent update from the club confirms that the main man will be staying for now:

It’s well known that Messi and Luis Suarez are best friends on and off the pitch, so it’s interesting to see that Suarez may be staying now after a move to Juventus looked certain.

A report from Get Football News Italy has quoted Gianluca Di Marzio in saying that Juventus were now struggling to finalise a deal with Suarez, so they had turned their attentions to Edinson Cavani instead.

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It could be a total coincidence, but there is something interesting in Messi’s best friend looking likely to stay after the Argentine performed a U-turn himself.

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  1. anas yakubu says:

    I am happy to Messi not leving barcelona so now is beter to fine straiker and no 4 and 5@ 6

    1. shannon says:

      You are right, I support your comment

  2. Issa Kayode says:

    How glad I am that Leo Messi will spend another season with FC Barcelona! Come to think of it, I’m certainly sure that Luis Suarez will find it difficult to leave his best friend behind for Juventus! Viva Leo!

  3. James says:

    Leaving Luis Suarez is totally a wrong decision by the club.

  4. ayobami says:

    It’s great knowing Messi will be staying but please don’t let Suarez stay let him go we need a presently efficient striker, why aren’t we hearing about the martinez transfer anymore?

    1. sly says:

      We do not need Martinez we would gone somebody timo Werner…


    Luis Suarez has to go he has no place in that team again. With Messi and Suarez in that team, It will be difficult for some to come and difficult for others to perform

    1. Ucheclassic says:

      We need Suarez as a backup no. 9 as Barça get a new no. 9

  6. Andre Hollerer says:

    44 years i am with Barca…and proud of it.
    Times will change…as in everything…tbere are ups n downs…

  7. USMAN says:

    Its quite allright that messi is staying,let me enlight everybody a season is not far to end barca should buy quality player that will part with him so that when he live the club will not going to be disaster.

  8. Huzaifa Hussaini says:

    Please you should add one year for Luiz Suarez

  9. Stanley says:

    Both of this players are old I wanted them to go they are just taking the places of younger hungry players at Barca Barcelona Will do weak again cause of this old players than they’ll blame it on the coach and fire him it’s so sad especially Suarez must go his slow wrong passing kill’s our attacks waste chances

  10. ALIYU hamisu balarabe says:

    staying luis suarez at barcelona is very important us as a fan

  11. Agunji presido says:

    Pls stay boss

  12. siya says:

    thank you Messi hop Martinez is coming too

  13. David Ademola says:

    Messi dribbling skills will continue to be you forever

  14. Isiaq says:

    it won’t be a good idea to let Suarez stay.

  15. Emmanuel bandamoi says:

    Good news

  16. Sani says:

    Good to here that.

  17. Enoch says:

    Messi staying is a good news but suarez should go

    1. Richard says:

      Suarez should go he has outlived his usefulness

  18. Patrick Green says:

    Complete pair of very old has beens

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