Huge boost for Spurs over Gareth Bale as Real Madrid will make two major financial sacrifices to let him go

It was clear last summer that Gareth Bale needed to leave Real Madrid to ensure that he didn’t waste his final good years, so it’s even more important for him to get a move this summer.

The Daily Mail have indicated that Jose Mourinho made a real push during his time at Man United to sign the Welsh star, so he would also love to have him at Spurs if the finances could be worked out.

A Premier League return would probably be the best thing for him and a return to Spurs would be ideal as things would largely be built around him, so a report from Cuatro should interest Spurs fans a great deal.

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They claim that Real Madrid are so keen to get rid of Bale that they are prepared to let him go on a free transfer, while they are also willing to pay half of his wages to get him off the books.

If they do release him then Spurs wouldn’t need to pay a fee and Real Madrid covering half of his wage would take care of most of the financial issues surrounding a deal, so the fans will be hoping they make a big effort to bring him in if this does happen.

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    We are tired of this bale get rid of him

  2. Jawad Siddiqui says:


  3. David Reville says:

    A huge player and boost for the team. Get it done please

  4. Cyril says:

    Not a chance in hell it happens. Half his wages are £300K a week or £15.6M a year. In this economic climate with the club’s finances…not a chance in hell. Not to mention upending Levy’s wage structure and pissing off your talisman in the form of Kane who makes £200K a week. Plus Bale is injury prone and on the back end of his playing career. While he is still fast, he is not as fast as he was in his prime. Not ever going to happen. Plus Bale told Levy he would never play for Spurs again when Levy was holding up his transfer to Real Madrid to play hard ball and maximize the transfer price. Can’t see it happening. Maybe United. Maybe MLS. Not Spurs.

    1. Nick says:

      Signing on fee 200k a week is achievable easy levy is used to giving big signing on fees for 200k a week

  5. AndrewF says:

    It’s still more than our highest paid player, which is Kane on £200k pw. Bale earns £650k pw, if you believe the reports, so I am not sure Levy will take Bale on £325k pw, even if Real Madrid agreed to pay his wages, after giving him a free transfer, which makes no sense whatsoever.
    Bale would also want a large signing on fee, just like Willian had when he joined Arsenal.

  6. Overcspurs says:

    He is coming back then!

  7. Jay says:

    Real Madrid don’t deserve a player like Bale. He won them every trophy there is to win and STILL they complain. And another thing. If Zidane is such a great manager, why did they get rid of him in the first place?

  8. Alberto E. Vergara says:

    Every year starts out the same ” Bale is coming to bail us out ” after 3 yrs. of this rubbish I’ve come to a conclusion, ” he’s not coming nor will he ever. It’s just fleeting thoughts on fleeting memories and dreams

  9. Abduljalal Lago says:

    let him go

  10. aliyu maji says:

    seems like Bale Will be staying with real Madrid the next season. His wages are a problem for prospective clubs who want his services.

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