Arsenal show faith in Mikel Arteta by giving him a more important job title

It’s clear that we no longer live in an era where the manager has control of over every aspect of a football club, but nobody really cares what title the manager of the team was given.

Mikel Arteta was officially known as the Head Coach at Arsenal which really just seemed like another word for manager, but it looks like he’s done enough to be trusted with more responsibility at the club:

The press release really tries to push this as a positive thing and almost makes it sound like he’s been given a promotion, so it will be interesting to see if this changes anything.

Before this change it sounds like all he was responsible for was training the players and picking the team, but he’s now going to take on more responsibilities after impressing everybody at the club.

It now sounds like he’ll have a proper say in recruitment, the medical side of things at the club and other things behind the scenes that go towards making the whole operation a success, so it is a sign that he’s going to be more involved.

That could also involve having a bigger say in transfers, so the fans will be hoping that this gives him even more chance of leading the team to success.

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