Mixed news for Arsenal on the transfer front as they may have to choose between two top targets

It’s hard to decide what to make of Arsenal’s midfield after their crushing win over Fulham yesterday, because there were a few players who were much better than expected.

It’s also worth noting that it was a game against a newly promoted side so you can’t judge everything from that one game either.

It still looks like they are trying to make one major addition to the midfield ahead of next season, but there’s mixed news in the latest update on their situation:

You have to think they would get a decent fee for the Argentine keeper so that should help them when it comes to making bids, but it sounds like they won’t be able to land Partey AND Aouar.

Presuming both are legitimate options that the club can afford, it would be interesting to see which way Arteta decided to go with this.

Signing the Lyon man would be much more exciting in an attacking sense, but it would still leave them with the same old problem of lacking a proper anchor man to shield the back four.

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Partey is more of an all-rounder who will contribute more in the defensive phases, but you wouldn’t back him to the be the man to unlock a tight defence in a narrow game either.

Of course it’s very possible that only one (or neither) will be available so they might only have one choice in the end, but it still looks like the fans can expect one more big signing this summer.


Arsenal fans – if you had the choice of both players but could only sign one, which player would be the better signing? let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Turner Jones says:

    I will definitely go for Aouar.

  2. faruk yusuf bala says:

    i thing aouar is more inportan than partey

  3. Fred says:

    I’d take Partey all day long. I have always felt Ozil is a luxury item however he is a fantastic talent. Perhaps with such a Solid defence plus DM Ozil can work some magic. Also, Ceballos looked sharp in the 10mins he played. Playing several balls that cut Fulhams back line to Shreds. For me its Partey and Ceballos in the middle with the luxury item Ozil when required.

  4. Lewis says:

    Party…..more capable and stronger

  5. AFCam says:

    Partey all the way.we have willian , esr and an improving willock , or if really desperate sicknote to unlock things

  6. Fitsa says:

    I prefer aouar 100%

  7. Nura Muhd Kxr says:

    Thomas Partey is more Important, Cos that is the major Place that Cause an errar in Our team i.e. “Defencieve Midfield”

  8. AFCam says:

    must be Partey.
    willian , ESR , maybe willock or if desperate sicknote to unlock things.
    partey is gilberto class and cheap at twice the price

  9. Kenny says:

    The black four needs protection so we can manage with the middle of the park, Pat is more important

  10. Olaitan says:

    If Toreirra is available on the transfer market then our priority should be Partey not Aouar.

  11. Dino says:

    Aouar for me. We have been lacking creativity all along since 2016. Xhaka, Elneny and Ceballos and AMN can provide the right cover coz Arteta knows how to use them. Going forward, we need someone that can unlock Pepe, Auba, Laca, Eddie or Martinelli. So i believe Aouar is the right man to replace Ozil

  12. Melvin ikari says:

    I think the missing link in the arsenal squad,should be Thomas partey,arsenal as a team need him,because of his ability to go forward and backward,not to talk of experience and iron steel,he add to the team..once again partey is the man.

  13. OTHNIEL PETER says:

    Houssem Auoar

  14. Raphael says:

    I believe that if Thomas is the best for now

  15. AMINU DOGO says:

    It s for me i like them all Party and aoqar

  16. Tareebi Ande says:

    To me Thomas is what Arsenal need now, because what Arsenal is lacking is a DM who has the ability to go forward and backwards he has that ability, stamina and strength. For Arsenal has lost that role for years from the absence of Flamini, Gilberto and also song.

  17. Wayne says:

    Aouar ten times over Partey. Aouar is very skilful. He is creative, provides assist and scores goals and he also good enough defensively. He is much younger, and would be the best long term investment for Arsenal. Also, Partey wage demand is another major concern. Currently he earns 65,000 pounds weekly at Athletico Madrid and his demand for 200,000 pounds weekly from Arsenal is outrageous,very greedy and unreasonable.

  18. Elvission says:

    Aoure is better

  19. Alpha Kepler Bangura says:

    Partey is ok

  20. Chrismas gatkuoth gang says:

    Look we still have problem on both positions creative midfield and defence midfield for I want both of them.
    Ceballos will return to his club after this season with us,we really need bests play in the field even the bench too,,,,we need strong time

  21. Lyon says:

    I fill we should go for auoar now to secure our creativity cus he might be more expensive after and have personal terms agreed with partey for a transfer by January
    Securing both sides and preparing for CL football

  22. Mohammed says:

    Partey is the best option

  23. Sani Abdu says:

    For me,without Partey,our team will not be going to the party.

  24. Muhammed Elcozuelar says:

    Seriously We Only Need Party! While Toreira Is In The Market

  25. Big Ego says:

    Arteta should make Thomas Partey a higher priority to add some strength n dynamism in midfield. He cud try Ozil or Ceballos in the no. 10 role!

  26. M.makarfi says:

    M.makarfi sent arsenal need to thomas he get the ability and chenge gilbato . Veira . Edu . Palo becorce will needing thomas

  27. sadiq says:

    At present party thomas is a solution to the problems in question, pls my follows fans we need a solid midfilder not a skifful one. when we ara looking for skillfull one ceballos is in the rank.

  28. Gabriel says:

    For me, ozil is still in the team, we also have willian, ceballos, who can unluck some tight defence like they did against Liverpool, Chelsea, man city and wolves last season, so our priority will definitely someone in the form of Gilberto silver who will shield the back four and partey is the man

  29. Eric says:

    Auoar definetely

  30. Dison chikompa says:

    Now that Martinez has been sold lets buy both ,Arsenal is a big club we can afford.

  31. Sampedro says:

    For me Aoure is what we need, the issue with defense has been fixed by Arteta Tactics and with it we have been able to beat the big teams, but we have issue smaller teams who sit back with a low block, we dont have enough creativity to open them up. Elneny is already doing the work of Partey and Partey demands are really outrageous .

  32. yakubi m says:

    our main problem is DM not CM so I think partey is the solution

  33. OCHE MOSES says:

    It’s really a tight decision to make considering the fact that creativity and shield is of the essence in Arsenal, but my opinion chooses Auour over party for the moment, because elneny and Xhaka has it in themof what we demand from partey. Party can come January…

  34. Nebiyu Mikiyas says:

    Buy Partey now and go for Aouar next year… we already have Ceballos in his position with much similar playing style.

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