Billionaire worth 2.4 times the Glazer family interested in owning Manchester United

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According to SB Nation’s NetsDaily via Russia media reports, billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov has expressed an interest in taking over Manchester United.

It’s claimed that the 55-year-old would like to return to ownership of a professional sports team after holding a majority stake in NBA team Brooklyn Nets for nine-and-half-years until September 2019.

United’s current owners, the Glazer family, have a sour standing with the current fanbase owing to their apparent lack of investment into the team and the fact that they aren’t football enthusiasts per se.

According to Forbes, Prokhorov has a net worth that is 2.4 times larger than the entire Glazer family at $11.3 billion, compared to the Glazer’s last recorded figure of $4.7 billion.

In the nine full seasons that Prokhorov held a controlling portion of the Nets, the Brooklyn outfit reached the playoffs just four times, losing all but one of these season-defining series in the first round.

Whilst many United supporters would like to see the end of the Glazers’ reign, Prokhorov is by no means a guaranteed upgrade.

The Russian made a few extremely poor decisions which hurt the Nets up until their relative revival following his departure over the last year.

Prokhorov gave up serious draft capital to facilitate trades of veteran star Joe Johnson, as well as future Hall of Famers Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, all as the trio approached the end of their careers.

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  1. if it happens , it happens,
    if it dont, it dont,
    either way the glazers need to go A.S.A.P
    AS FOR man utd , we are getting left behind, in the transfer market

  2. United fans don’t care the the Glazer family aren’t football supporters ‘per se’ it’s the fact that they took a profitable, debt free club and plunged it into debt and while using the club to payoff that debt have taken over £90m from the club in dividends over the last five years. We want an owner who will clear us from the debt and allow the club to fund itself which it can do easily. Glazers out

  3. The deal must kickoff as soon as possible and after the take over from the Glazer’s family ED WOODWARD must also go.

  4. pls,we united fans are sick nd tired of the useless Glazers family.
    time to sale man united to someone who is capable to fund the club nd move united to the next level of football

    1. Glazers out and get rid of the useless Woodward with them. United will never get back to the top with these idiots at the helm. Look at how the other clubs have performed in this transfer window then compare them with United. Those at the top are suffocating this great club. They must go.

  5. am tired of our targets being snatched cause the #glazer’s have to agree on the move first! we need someone else who can inject in time for transfers

  6. The glazer family is not rich enough to take my lovely man utd to the top, so please let the glazer family leave and allow people who are capable enough to take man utd at the top and win trophies.

  7. ManUtd are a great club being held back by uncaring greedy owners
    How can Ollie manage the team with the Glaziers holding the club from catching up with the top teams

  8. from Russia with love Moscow united will hopefully make man united great again and please transfer Woodward butt to Siberia

  9. Yes the Glazers have to go. Please go and let any other owner take over the club in order to get back to glory days again. Anybody at all will be better than the leeches that are the Glazers. They bought the club just to suck the club dry and if they are left to run the club, they will probably sell Old Trafford to feed the avarice that they to milk the club the for the last 10-12 years.

  10. We are sick and tired of going for all important players who will help my darling united to win trophies and not paying to get them as quickly as possible just because some useless officials are playing politics. Pls get wood out of the way, he is killing the club

  11. They only care about money and their NFL team Tampa Bay. They use Manu as their bank for everything but improving United. The Glazers and Woodward need to go, yesterday.

  12. Glazers should get out seriously. They bought United and literally ruined the club..Glazers are not rich at all.. they are using the club to subside their other failing businesses. They were really exposed this time, we need a year-long haggling and sweating to buy one player…United has become a laughing stock and it is really embarrassing. We are linked to every player on the planet, but we can only dream of them joining… we need an owner who is passionate about the club and eager to invest on players and compete with other superclubs around Europe..lets us hope a wealthy royal family from the middle east to take over and end this sad chapter in the club history…enough is enough..Glazers out out out.

  13. I curled out something worth 2.4 times the glazers just this morning. Not in money terms of course, but still.

  14. Glazers are a cancer in our great club
    They won’t be happy until we are bled dry .
    All the work that Fergie did and the empire he built is crumbling .

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