Chelsea look set to finally get their man as star says his goodbyes ahead of potential move to Stamford Bridge

The situation with Chelsea and Edouard Mendy has dragged on much longer than many fans may have hoped, so it looks like Kepa will get another chance between the sticks this weekend.

That is an issue because it’s Liverpool that he’ll play against, and he was at fault from Brighton’s goal earlier in the week.

There’s a real chance that a poor showing this weekend will force Chelsea to pay a bit extra just to get the deal done with Rennes, but it’s clear that the player already has his heart set on the move after he said goodbye to his teammates:

That’s the kind of thing that you only do when you’re confident that a move is going to go ahead, and all signs still point to this happening.

There’s no indication that Chelsea are actively looking at an alternative, and the reality is that playing Kepa for a full season would completely undermine their transfer business this summer.

There’s no way that Chelsea can’t afford to meet Rennes’ demands, it just sounds like a case of arguing over the final details and trying to save a few million here and there.

The performance against Liverpool might determine how quickly Chelsea try to get this wrapped up, but it still seems inevitable that the deal will be done.


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  1. nazifi alex Chelsea says:

    i don’t need Edouard Mendy to arrival Chelsea this season, while we have two great goalkeepers kepa & willy caballero, in advisible just reject it to save few millions, willy and kepa is enough for us

    1. Abel says:

      You’re not serious, upon all the goals kepa concided bro, you must be joke. ????????

      1. Francis says:

        Kepe is a disappointment. His confidence is completely gone. Every shot fire at him ends up in the net. Any one who says Chelsea doesn’t need to replace Kepe, is not a true fan of Chelsea fc.

      2. Zeapha says:

        And a big joker at best, kepa is leaking to many goals which demoralise any efforts for goals by the players, we can’t be sure of protecting a lead with kepa on the sticks

      3. praise says:

        bro forget that person,he be anti-chelsea

      4. emmanuel says:

        Dont mind dat fool if mendy arrives he should go ahead and kill himsef

      5. Blessing etim says:

        Thank you bro

    2. Wendy says:

      No, CFC need a new GK desperately or they will not maintain their place in the Champions League.

    3. Johnc says:

      You’re on booze ni**a

    4. Adeiza says:

      I wonder if truely you are a Chelsea fan
      So after all the clueless goals he concede last season and the one against Brighton u still want us to continue with him
      Hmmmm this is pure wickedness

    5. Lampiito Umoh says:

      you are pointless Bro!

    6. hjgjgugknkl says:

      youre an idiot

    7. Harold Aitken says:

      You serious, Kepa has been useless between the sticks. My 5 year old could do better…

  2. Jay says:

    Nazifi i dont realy agree…if you’v seen da game wit b&h you’l see dat his morale is low,willy(inconsistency is d fear)

  3. Abbey says:

    Try mendy

  4. Korede says:

    Bro u no wel at all

  5. THE SPANISH says:


  6. Everlasting Alfred says:

    Chelsea please be fast with the transfer we need a new catcher for sunday game.

  7. Zaman John says:

    We need new keeper, but for me not mendy, we sombody like donaroma of ac milan or nik pope

    1. Mohammed Mussa says:


  8. Samuel chigbogu says:

    Mendy is okay

  9. Muhammed Abdulkadir Kasimu says:

    Mendy is the right man for the job, else Lampard may just be putting his job on the line. Chelsea owner can be very ruthless with coaches when expectations are not met.

  10. Nwachukw says:

    Chelsea is delaying a lot signing Mendy when they know that Kepa is no longer capable of stoping any short unless they don’t want to be in the top four

  11. Chuka says:

    Mendy or not change kepa and bring in Chelsea ladies kepa

  12. sombaby says:

    we need a new and a nice keeper that will be helping us out

  13. PETER says:

    Kepa is not enough for this season, he needs someone to compete with him, and Mendy is the right person check their stats and see

  14. Jonathan says:

    Keoa useless himself we need menfy period,

  15. Monday says:

    Calamity kepa: Chelsea 1-3 Liverpool

  16. Ibn Fuseini Adnan Suhuyini says:

    They should just level Kepa his a best in Europe okey guys relex give him some time when chelsea get good defender’s like Thiago Silva and you see the difference

  17. Mavait says:

    Mendy is needed but kepa must remain

  18. Ibn Fuseini Adnan Suhuyini says:

    Mendy is good enough but they should just give kepa some time before if they want to sing Mendy then they sing him and give him to long

  19. Nargoh says:

    we need the short stopper urgently or else lampard would lose job because of jocking in selections also

  20. Simon says:

    Keppa is not good enough he need competition in oder to improve

  21. SABO IBRAHIM B2MEN. says:


  22. Hayone says:

    Yeah i think u all make points, but i tink the deal has already placed, if not we should have moved 4pope or gigi rumma.

  23. Jb says:

    Chelsea need to change the Kp urgently, kepa has let us down a lot. Protect your job Frank.

  24. Eminem jr says:

    Gk needed but not mendy, somebody like gigi donarumma,nick pope or andre onana

  25. Isaac jr moses says:

    Why not onana of ajax rader?

  26. Barnabas Yohanna says:

    Leave kepa, concede about 53 goals this season and i switch my support to John Terry’s Aston Villa.

  27. WinyB says:

    As chelsea has lost chances with jan oblak,mendy is the last option for lampard, let it not look as if he spent a lot of millions for nothing

  28. Nasir Ahmad says:

    Chelsea, will not do the transfer on time until they conceded 5 nil against any other Team..

  29. Solomon says:

    Chelsea owner is desperate to see what lampard we take home for him else lampard tell the rest and without mendy lampard risk his job and brought shame to chelsea.

  30. Flair says:

    What we need right now is a keeper and not a kepa. Kept will bounce back but needs a new signing that will take the present pressure at a time that he is going through some serious psychological and emotional difficulty. They could as well loan him out to a club in Spain to regain himself.

  31. Charles Lopez says:

    Kepa can still do it but he need someone to compete with

  32. momday t says:

    weneed him pls

  33. mhaazi says:

    kepa’s problem is press tempering into his confidence finish

  34. Ade says:

    I do like kepa in person but his performance is not encouraging at all and I believe with Mendy it will both the club and kepa him self for kepa’s problem is over confidence

  35. Michael says:

    All we want as a real Chelsea fans, is to sign Mendy…..kepa is flop

  36. Mohammed Mussa says:

    need new keeper but not mendy

  37. Colton Simmonds says:

    Why all this negative rubbish, just get on with the ‘Job In Hand’,that’s ‘Beating Liverpool ‘Today’, it’s allway’s the same thing, i do not care about liverpool or any one else for that matter,just Chelsea beating Liverpool!!!

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