Gabriel, Sancho and Haaland – Man United accused of transfer incompetence as they try to blame their own fans

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has actually done a great job of papering over the cracks at Man United in recent months, but he continues to be hampered in the transfer market by those that run the club.

While their rivals are all strengthening with some impressive signings, United are standing still and it looks like those in charge are more interested in protecting their reputation through PR work instead of actually going out and earning it.

Who really knows if their transfer market problems come down to incompetence or even arrogance, but it’s obvious that something isn’t right.

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It emerged earlier that they club were trying to blame the fans for creating a negative atmosphere at the club, so it was refreshing to see Julien Laurens stick up for the fans and blast the club here:

It’s fascinating to hear how even the agents thing the club is incompetent when it comes to dealing with transfers, and some of the names mentioned put everything into focus.

Laurens suggests they lost out to Arsenal when they tried to sign Gabriel Magalhaes earlier this summer – Solskjaer needs another centre back to compliment Harry Maguire so that looks like a missed opportunity after an impressive debut with The Gunners.

He then moves on to Haaland – Man United desperately need a number 9 who can be relied upon to hit the back of the net and he would’ve been perfect. There’s no way that United didn’t have the finances to make it happen and he already had a relationship with the manager, but again clearly the board couldn’t get it done.

It’s pointed out that it took them 18 months to sign Bruno Fernandes, and it certainly looks like the same is going to happen with Jadon Sancho, so they go into the season with one new signing who compliments the strongest part of the team.

The master negotiator

The most interesting thing about this is what the players will think, because you do wonder if they might get frustrated and demand to move on after a while too.

If we take the money out of things and purely look at this from the human point of view, you couldn’t blame them for looking to leave the club if this continues.

In any career if you have a boss who refuses to make improvements, doesn’t give you the tools to do the job properly and then demands results that you can’t achieve, of course you’re going to tell them to stick it and find employment somewhere else.

Footballers are no different, and it’s yet more confirmation that Man United are being run by businessmen who want to make money, rather than people with the knowledge, ability and ambition to succeed in the sporting world.

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