Man United blame the fans for creating a negative feeling around the club amid quiet transfer window

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We’ve seen it so many times in politics lately where leaders will start to blame the electorate for their own failings, so it was only a matter of time before it seeped into football.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer did a great job last season to turn things around and he even managed to secure Champions League football, but the lack of squad depth did mean they almost ruined it at the end.

That suggested that the club needed to make some summer signings to keep that positive momentum going, but it’s not really happened.

It means that the positive feeling has started to fade away, and ESPN has reported that those in charge are starting to blame the fans for creating that negative culture.

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It mainly seems to be directed at Twitter users and you can understand that – it’s full of people who hide behind fake names and think they can hide in the crowd, but it’s still a pathetic excuse for a giant club to be using.

The report suggests United have been in talks for several players but they didn’t sign them, yet the board are now baffled that fans have come to the conclusion that they have missed out on signings.

Blaming the fanbase for your own failings is a fairly special move from the club, and it’s pretty tough to see how it’s going to end well.


Man United fans, what do you think?! Who’s to blame for the club’s fall from grace – yourselves or those in charge of the club? Let us know in the comments…


  1. As for me I think Edwood and Glazer family are no more instead for the betterment of the club shame on them ,Musa sesay from Freetown Sierra Leone

  2. How can fans be blamed? It’s the board, Glazers and Ed Woodward responsible for dealing transfers. If fans are to be blamed, then give the money to the fans and they will get you Sancho and other good players

  3. they are not even bold enough to accept their failure, both Ed and the club management are such a joke. if the haven’t lost siginings, what have they lost? absolutely ridiculous

  4. how can man utd board blame fans for their failings!!!?truth be told,those in transfer section at utd are very poor and incompetent.Even if buying new players has proved tough they should have cleared the deadwoods!!!!

  5. We are big team, they have to do what is amuzing fans even they know we are lacking left and central back plus number seven

  6. I think it’s a shame for a club like united to be very slow and confused in the transfer market…..let’s just keep our legs crossed and see what happens before the transfer ends

  7. If this is true what you say I would advise all united fans to show
    there frustration to the management who have been shameful in the way they have run the club, lack of ambition quite happy to take money out the club to pay there directors bonus.
    I just hope I live long enough to see the glaziers and the totally
    useless Woodward leave our proud club, who on earth made that
    fate full move to sell to them?
    Woodward has cost this club millions with his very expensive bad contracts and transfer dealings
    How come other clubs like Chelsea manage to sign players with
    ease not like Woodward with his long drawn out transfers.
    No the problem is the glazers and there lack of interest and ambition for the club, we have only been succsessful because we had a fabulous manager Ferguson backed by David Gill.
    United fan of seventy years longing to get rid of this regime.

  8. Maybe Man Utd needs to buy a new top management first including before thinking of new players. New owners will be even better.

  9. As long as United finish around the top six these parasitic owners can maintain there pillaging of the club without the need to invest on a squad capable of winning the EPL or Champions League. I like most fans wish for owners the polar opposite of what we have. A certain Saudi prince for instance.

  10. If I was as bad at my job as those responsible for transfers ar Utd I’m pretty sure I’d be sacked. Yet these people carry on under performing season after season and now they have the nerve to blame the fans. Disgusting.

  11. Blaming the fans now…really. This is a very dangerous move to push the fans further away. These fans spend their hard earned money on United Merch that these guys are making a killing on. Now you are bashing them because they want to see their money spent on the team not on some American’s bottom line on a spread sheet.

  12. The first time in the history of football, a club management blamed fans for failure to make transfer, shame! Shame!! Shame!!! To man united board.

  13. Yeah don’t push us (fans)further away ,Moving In right direction needing a few more cogs to move the giant of a machine forward, so move the doe or we’ll go slow

  14. Get a new owner definately get rid of Ed “useless” Woodward get a Dir. of Football and glory days will come back to OT. But as long as the current structure exist we will always struggle to get players even from the Conference league. How is it that the other big clubs Liverpool Man City Arsenal Spurs can buy players at will. Good grief look at Chelsea almost an entire new team. But Man Its are pinning their hopes on SANCHO the entire transfer window and only buys DvdB. We don’t need Sancho we need a STR LB and CB. We have 10 MID but Man Utd wants to break the bank for Sancho a player we will probably end up NOT getting. So yes we as fans or supporters are frustrated at the lack of movement in the transfer window. The blame has to go to the owners and Woodward.

  15. I can only blame the board of man utd for failure of signing a players I challenge them to stop telling us about pandemic,is only man utd that is a club that is affected

  16. For me MUtd board are to be blame of lack of activities in the transfer merket,they should stop blaming the fans we are complaining them because we want to see our team challenging for epl,and champions league aslo .

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