“Laughable” – These fans slam Man United for playing underperforming duo vs Crystal Palace

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It’s actually tough to figure out what this Man United team should be able to achieve, because the squad is completely unbalanced.

They are actually bordering on world class in the centre of the pitch with Pogba and Fernandes, but then you look to the right flank and they’ve started today with Dan James and Fosu-Mensah.

James still looks like a Championship player who’s out of ideas when he can’t just knock it past a player and run, while Fosu-Mensah has never been able to establish himself at all.

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It’s a partnership that will never be good enough at the top level, and it’s showing as they’re creating nothing against Crystal Palace down that flank.

It’s also been picked up by plenty of fans on Twitter, who can’t believe that Manchester United are playing with this combination in a Premier League game:


It’s been obvious that United needed to add a right sided attacker this summer and that’s no closer to happening, and it’s impossible to see them challenging for the title when they have these kind of players in the team.

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  1. Where you watch Ed? Where you watching? Is this your “foundation” you are going to build on? The fans told you last year, they told you when the window opened and we are telling you again, this Squad is NOT GOOD ENOUGH!! We where out played out bussled and out classed by Crystal palace? If Palace is going to do that to this squad in Old Trafford imagine what Liverpool, City, Arsenal, Spurs and even Everton are going to do to us. You may aswell sack Ole now because when we’re out of the running again and you decide to sack him we will all know it’s not his fault it’s YOURS Ed for not backing Ole.

  2. I’ve supported Man United since I was five now am 46 and today against palace this his the worse I’ve seen we need our club back and glazers and Woodward out let’s have our club back

  3. I agree Fosu Mensah are not premiership players, but McTominay and Lindelof are also in that useless bracket. Actually the only defender we had today was Luke Shaw. The other three wouldn’t be considered in any decent team. To see Woodhead sitting there smugly when he only managed to secure one signing in an area we don’t really need strengthening, was also sickening.

  4. I really don’t understand Ed and the Glazers,we shouldn’t be surprised if ole has been sacked but it’s due to the stupidity of Ed.we need Ed out.what an embarrassing game

  5. All I can say brace yourselves for more mockery from Liverpool chealse and arsenal supporters this year coz it’s embarrassing to see how these guys have turned us into an average team… I bet to all of you right here right now…. We will be lucky to finish anywhere in top 6……

    Tell me one player who is willing to push for a move to this average team…. I will not be surprised if we lose to LEEDS

  6. Lindelof has cost us too many times, be better playing smalling …. Ed Woodward either back Ole or sack him, ( back him and sack yourself),… Glaziers out out out….. Very poor display, ….. The Glaziers bought United with Loans and pay it off with our profits ……. they are a disgrace ….. we wont be the best supported team in world football forever,… with them in charge …..

  7. Humm awful to see Lindelof. It is now clear to see that United need a center back. It is also clear Ole wanted to loose to put pressure on Ed if not No coach would start timothy fosu and James ahead of Bissaka and Greenwood. But for Lindelof he is not just good enough

  8. This is a disgrace. Big club like man utd turned to a circus of idiots by glazer and woodward. Leeds scoring 7 goals in 2 matches says a lot about th teams depth. Surely this season we wil concede over 50 goals. de gea must also be benched few games his sometimes costly

  9. I am very happy to see them loose today, we can get any trophy with this coach and average payers, i don’t even see them making first four, i will not waste my time watching such crap this season.

  10. I am very happy to see them loose today, we can’t get any trophy with this coach and average players, i don’t even see them making first four, i will not waste my time watching such crap this season.

  11. Ed and Glaziers should do somethings since its just a beginning.
    The current squad can’t take Manchester united to top 4,leave out winning any trophy this season.

  12. The club need a general overhaul starting from the owner they care less about what Manchester united stand for, what they care is business as usual. What I can’t understand is why the coach who should be proving his technical ability will sit to take football as business as a young coach. As a fan I sympathize with u last season. The starting line up was unacceptable! Ask me why?

  13. Most times it appears that Woodhead is confused …they have forgotten what United stand for ..they have turn it to home of average players..Why not sell lindelof loan James..buy a good center back and a good striker ..bench De Gea. The team play like the have nothing to loose..no hunger to win..u can’t play such In Madrid or Bacerlona… what a disgrace.. paying huge for an average player

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