Video: Highlights show that Victor Lindelof has played a key role in the last five goals conceded by Man United

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The truth about defending is that it’s a team effort and everyone needs to play their part, but it’s becoming easy to point a finger at Victor Lindelof in the Man United defence.

This highlights package has been put together of the last five goals that Man United have conceded, and the Swede should be doing better for all of them:

The interesting thing here is that it’s perfectly valid to point out that he’s made these errors, but you also know that there will be split opinions on this.

He’s the first player to have a chance of stopping that first goal against Sevilla, but the positioning from Maguire is poor and Williams doesn’t go with the man at the back post either.

For the second goal he completely loses track of the striker, but Wan Bissaka doesn’t communicate with him either and also lets him go.

He was poor for the first Palace goal today and he needs to stop the cross, but it’s not a goal if Luke Shaw does his job and actually tracks his runner into the box.

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The penalty is the result of clumsy defending but it’s also the wrong decision, so he can be spared on this one.

The final goal is poor from his point of view and he’s turned far too easily, but he’s also left isolated by a lack of cover and awareness from Maguire so again it’s a poor team effort.

Clearly Lindelof is having a lot of issues, but this shows that the entire unit is not functioning properly and you do wonder how many transfers will be needed to overhaul it.

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  1. Everyone keeps blaming Lindelof and saying he is weak, its because he always there trying to put a tackle in. Maguire is more culpable as once Lindelof gets beaten Maguire is never there to cover for him. Maguire is clumsy, lethargic and has no positional awareness he is always slow] to react Leicester is smiling with their 80m cause he’s worth 20m.

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