Frank Lampard points out the major VAR flaw that’s hurt Man United and Chelsea this weekend

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There was definitely a time when VAR was seen as a positive thing that would cut out a lot of officiating mistakes, but it just seems to cause more issues than it solves.

The important thing to remember is that it’s there to fix clear and obvious errors, there was no need to bring it in so refs could spend minutes watching a screen while they try to second guess themselves.

Chelsea and Man United have both been hurt by the review system this weekend, and Frank Lampard’s comments after their loss to Liverpool has highlighted the issue:

The Crystal Palace penalty against Man United and Chelsea’s red card this afternoon were both judgements calls, so you can happily make arguments for both calls to be given either way.

The problem is that VAR intervened in both cases and the calls were overturned without the clear and obvious evidence, and it’s just going to set a hideous precedent for the entire season.

Other sports like Cricket and American Football have review systems which are used regularly during games, but they give their officials some respect and trust them to make most calls.

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In Cricket when there’s an element of doubt they will stick with the umpire’s call, while the NFL will allow a call to stand if they footage cannot conclusively show it needs to be changed.

We don’t have that in football and it’s leading to a situation where nobody has the confidence to just trust their judgement, and it’s a situation that cannot be allowed to continue.

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  1. Lindelof needed to be a double arm amputee to not get charged for a hand ball in Crystal Palace match. He was moving in a normal fashion when the ball struck him from 4 ft away. Not a penalty. Then De Gea v stops the penalty shot which VAR rules a retake because he came of his line by 2 in. GIVE ME A BREAK!! Then they allow a totally different player to do the replay , WHATS WITH THAT??????!

  2. But i have noticed some of the enlish referee was not good enough even for world cup. Sometimes the decision after VAR can be too judgemental.
    As for the current MU mamager. He talks too little. Very uninspiring. MU should have a new manager.

  3. VAR is hell. we are going to hold Mother of all protests to force it out of EPL. I can’t apologize for that. Ref was against Manchester United too. A charlatan

  4. haaa! I think ref was not at his best. It is a high time for fifa to make a rule of punishing unfit officials. How can a penalty be retaken by a different player? I was really suprised of that

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