Frank Lampard’s astonishing attempt to spin Chelsea’s 2-0 loss to Liverpool today is really something

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There are so many examples in football where a manager gets a free ride in the media because they manage to present themselves in a way that doesn’t draw too much criticism, and Frank Lampard may be a prime example.

He gets a lot of criticism from some Chelsea fans but he also did a decent job last season, but there’s nowhere to hide this campaign after the club have spent a lot of money.

They lost convincingly to Liverpool today and that’s expected after playing half of the game with ten men, but this attempt to spin things in a positive way really is remarkable:

He’s somehow tried to award himself a point by simply ignoring the biggest things that happened in the game, and it’s just not how football works at all.

Some managers would be utterly crucified in the media if they tried to pull something like this after a convincing loss, and it’s probably not a good sign for Chelsea if he’s resorting to this already.

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  1. kepa concedes at least 1 idiotic goal per game, should’ve spent this one on the bench.
    alonso functions well only in 3-4-3, entirely culpable for the1st goal, should’ve been on the bench.
    instead of a fancy 50 mill. signing who will miss unknown ammount of games, reguilon, (half price, fit better option) should’ve been there.

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