Tottenham could be handed victory over Leyton Orient without kicking a ball

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Tottenham could reportedly be handed the victory over Leyton Orient as their Carabao Cup clash is in serious doubt.

The League Two outfit have released a statement on their official site stating that a number of their players have tested positive for COVID-19.

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The Evening Standard’s Dan Kilpatrick adds that talks are being held with Public Health England about what course of action to take next.

He says an announcement could be made later today, with the game either set to be postponed or cancelled altogether.

This would supposedly see Spurs given the win, which would be an interesting development.

The return of football amid the coronavirus pandemic has largely gone pretty smoothly, albeit without fans present at games for some months now.

However, if large numbers of players start contracting the virus, we could see more of this in the weeks and months ahead.

One hopes that if Tottenham are given the victory here, it will provide a big incentive for clubs and players to work extra hard at following the rules and measures to keep the spread of the virus to a minimum.


  1. No way can Spurs accept a postponement, not with our schedule at the moment. If it can’t be played award it to Spurs. If not we should forfeit, Europa will make us lots more money (if we get to the group stage)!

  2. Spurs should be nowhere near this game. The entire Orient playing, coaching, ground staff, stewards and tea lady should all be confirmed as COVID-free. Show us your test results! Too much at stake – abandon the game!

  3. Is that how it works then, If you get covid you have to forfeit? I seem to remember Boris Johnson saying NOBODY would be penalised for catching this virus if they do the right thing and self isolate.

  4. You cannot postpone due to fixture pileup.Sorry to the O’s but maybe do a friendly later in season to help raise some cash for them.

  5. Let’s get real here how can Spurs be gifted the game.
    Surely the answer is to toss a coin. We can have all
    the Sky build up experts in the studio discussing
    which hand to toss with ( they should know ).
    Then what about the replays-slow motion even VAR if
    It gets a bit windy.

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