More chaos at Barcelona as board members plan to resign in protest at baffling transfer decision

If this summer has proved anything, it’s that Barcelona are an absolute basket case behind the scenes.

It looks like those running the club just cannot agree on anything, so it’s left the club meandering towards mediocrity and that came to a head when Lionel Messi demanded to leave.

It looked like some kind of peace had been achieved and the appointment of Ronald Koeman as manager also looked promising, but the whole situation surrounding Luis Suarez is a total mess.

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It actually looked like he had agreed to join Atletico Madrid and a deal was done where he would go on a free transfer but payments would be made depending on Atleti achieving certain things.

From Barca’s point of view it just makes no sense because Suarez is still a quality player, so there’s a reasonable argument to be made that they are actively strengthening a title rival for free, which is just madness.

There’s also no sign of a replacement coming in and the lack of a transfer fee here doesn’t help, so it’s no surprise that certain members of the board are kicking off:

The reports are suggesting that some directors are so furious at this that they plan to resign in protest, so that probably puts this transfer on hold for now.

It’s also worth noting that Suarez is very close to Lionel Messi so the Argentine star won’t want him to go either, so that could also play a part in the final decision.

The club are such a mess that they really need to clean house behind the scenes and start again, and this whole debacle has just made sure everyone is fully aware of that again.

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  1. Emery Ford says:

    Needs a presidential election now as soon as possible. The board and Bartomeu has to go.

  2. Grant says:

    M angry at barca board.Suarez should stay

  3. peter ngugi says:

    it seems something is not good at this club…and this may lead to it’s failure . however it will be a along season to the club compared to other seasons

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