Things are not looking good for Arsenal star as Mikel Arteta dodges multiple questions after exclusion vs Leicester

If a player isn’t getting a chance to play in the Carabao Cup then it means one of two things – they are an important player who is being rested or they are so far out of the picture that they should be looking to leave.

It’s been clear for a while that Mesut Ozil just isn’t the type of player that Mikel Arteta wants to play in his team, but there’s still no sign that he’s going to leave until his contract expires.

It’s a shame for Ozil because he’s an outstanding technical player who would be brilliant if a team was prepared to build around him, but everyone knows that Arsenal aren’t prepared to do that anymore.

In some ways it would be better for everyone if Mikel Arteta just came out and said he had no future with the club, but that still seems to be the case after he does his best to dodge multiple questions after he was left out of Arsenal’s team tonight:

You can also argue that it’s good management because he’s leaving the door open for Ozil to work hard and earn that opportunity, while he may also have to turn to him in an injury crisis so you don’t want to crush his confidence completely.

Despite that it’s obvious that he needs to leave, and it would be great to see him actually play in his final prime years rather than sitting in the stands.

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  1. Crispen says:

    No matter how hard he works, Ozil is not going to play. It is NOT a football issue. He refused paycut. That’s it.

  2. Quadry says:

    Play him or Not? Dude ain’t losing.
    You refusing to play your highest paid player ’cause he didn’t take a pay cut is Hypocritical!

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