Video: Pundit believes that Bale could be a bit-part player at Tottenham

Although it will be at least a couple of weeks before Tottenham fans can enjoy seeing Gareth Bale strutting his stuff at White Hart Lane again, one journalist believes they could be destined for disappointment.

Speaking on talkSPORT, Ollie Holt, questioned why Real Madrid were so willing to allow the player to leave, and suggested that he could end up as a bit-part player for the north Londoners.

With only a season to prove himself worthy of a permanent deal, Bale needs to hit the ground running to make Holt eat his words.

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  1. The Druid says:

    Holt is hardly a pundit. maybe a penny a liner. I wouldn’t take his predictions to the bank.- Maybe to the cornerstore with a pound note to buy a Daily Mail.

  2. matt88008 says:

    Oliver Holt is just another ‘dime a dozen’, rent-a-mouth, the ‘Daily Fail’ having less credibility these days than the late ‘Sunday Sport’. He has absolutely no idea how Bale is going to do at Spurs. My guess, for what it’s worth, as it is still just conjecture, is that Bale will recapture a large degree of the form that made him a world class player and have a considerable impact at Spurs. The idea he will be a bit part player is utter nonsense. He is the same age as Aubameyang and an even better player. He is far too talented to just be a ‘bit part player’. So unless he is somehow unable to regain full fitness, which seems very unlikely at just 31, he should have an immediate and decisive impact.

  3. Jay says:

    All that shows is how much people hate us and want us to fail. Madrid got rid of Bale because they thought he wasn’t pulling his weight, and after the treatment he got? why in the hell would he??? If we were in his position we too would be bloody great golfers by now as well. but if Gareth’s heart is in it then we have one of the top three players in the world back with us, make that 2 with Kane,, sod it.. make it 3 with Sonny! SOrt out the Centre Back position with Skriniar? and my goodness what a team we have.

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