Barcelona randomly calling supporters to validate their votes of no confidence

It appears that Barcelona are going to stop at nothing to ensure that Josep Maria Bartomeu isn’t ousted by a vote of no confidence.

After supporters had managed to gather together 20,687 signatures, which far exceeded the 16,520 needed to move the vote onto the next stage, the club seem to be trying to hold up the process by any means possible.

According to Sport, they’ve taken to randomly ringing up supporters, without warning, in order to validate that their signature is genuine.

The outlet also note that a few hundred votes were discarded after an initial screening process ruled them invalid, and as time goes on there is a worry according to Sport that, despite the amount of votes received, the number could dwindle significantly.

Should there still be more than 16,520 approved votes after this particular process is finished, then the vote of no confidence would move onto the second stage.

That requires 10 percent or more of Barca’s eligible members to actually vote, and should they do so, at least 66 percent of those votes have to be for Bartomeu to go.

If that happens and they are verified, the president would be relieved of his duties immediately.

If not, he will remain in place until the end of the season, with elections taking place next March.

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