Video: Ugly scenes during Man United U23s vs Liverpool U23s with a double red card for shocking challenge and retaliation

It’s rare to see youth team football where players lose it and tempers start to bubble over, but we’ve just seen two red cards in the U23 game between Man United and Liverpool.

The match is completely over as a contest with Liverpool being 5-1 up, but things kicked off after a really poor looking challenge from Leighton Clarkson.

You can understand that Man United’s youngster Shola Shoretiere would instantly come to his teammate’s aid, but he was a tad too forceful and he ended up seeing red for his reaction too:

Pictures from LFCTV

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  1. Samuel Adeka says:

    Even under 23 too the lose

  2. Leo says:

    With the score being 5-1 for Liverpool there was no need for that tackle, which is at best YC for reckless. I could understand if the referee want to upgrade to a RC SFP.
    The United player had no business taking the law in his hand, and easily deserves a RC for VC. Idiocy can be found at all levels especially when a referee is not alert and strick.

  3. Redordead says:

    The tackle is a straight red card, no yellow about it, he’s off the floor and it’s dangerously high, as for the Utd players red card that was harsh, it’s not his fault the Liverpool lad is a fanny

  4. TK says:

    Shades of Roy Keane

  5. Steven says:

    Stupid challenge and when you’re 5-1 up away from it makes the thought behind it even more reckless and stupid!
    United players also deserved red! Let the ref do his job… he would have been sent off and his team mate wasn’t injured so no need to jump in and start pushing players around!

  6. Billy says:

    First the player did that on the street it’s Ann how comes you get away with assult cos your a footballer

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