“He has got to go” – Furious Chelsea fans tear into Frank Lampard after dismal showing vs West Brom

There were lots of little issues with Chelsea’s defence last season, but they’ve all managed to combine together to create an absolute shambles against West Brom this evening.

We’ve seen a mixture of individual mistakes and a lack of organisation which has gifted West Brom some great chances, but they’ve also been clinical and fully deserve the lead.

This is going to create some real problems for Frank Lampard because he’s spent a lot of money this summer, and it’s not clear if Ben Chilwell and Edouard Mendy will be enough to come in and fix this either.

Obviously the fans are absolutely furious with how things are going in the game so far, and Frank Lampard is taking a lot of the blame:

There’s still some time to get back into the game but it’s hard to see it happening at this point. The amount of money spent this summer will heap the pressure on Frank Lampard, and he needs his team to show some fighting spirit in the second half.

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  1. Benjamin Opoku Appiah says:

    For me as a chelsea Fan since last year up to date, chelsea players have not been develope this kepa issue i think is not him but lampard and his coaching staff is not good enough.Players such as jorg,kepa,Alonso,Rudi,kante,Odoi these are good players but since lamp arrived their form keep on goinng down.80m for Rice is a waste, get trational ball playing center back.And a serial winner manager.

  2. ben says:

    no creativity from either the midfield or wings…lot of back passes. Pairing 3 slow defenders @a time. What a selection headache

  3. God'swill Aboh says:

    Lampard is not getting it at all.
    whe did he drop zouma?, besides the team are not really progressing the ball forward, they keep on playing back passes.
    i don’t understand lampard has to sit up

    1. Fredrick says:

      On back passes I am with you. Is it the coach who tells players to do back passes or it is the will of players. I hate back passing. You put defenders and goalkeeper s under pressure for no good reason

  4. KEDIR says:


  5. Salisu Saeed says:

    Thanks for your service please leave my Chelsea along

  6. si says:

    I said all long the back four and goal keeper for chelsea are awful is does matter which four player there it’s a shambolic defence yes James is young so he can be excused but the rest is a joke lampand need to to forget about rice or also get a another defender in because zouma Christian alonso are not good enough yes we brought in silva who did give them a goal today but he needs better quality along side him and we just do not have it . window we have 10 days to sort out getting rid of the defence and bringing in someone who knows how to defend before are season will be over before its started

    1. Raphael says:

      A winning team must have a complete defender,a midfielder and a good finisher as a striker.lampard lacks sense in transfer window..

  7. Jay says:

    When did lampard play 4-2-2-2 formation are we that strong to use such?…Reece was awful no pressure on his side relied on CHO 100%LAMPARD OUT..This idea of gambling with a top club must end or he just coach Barnsley

  8. Enas Foetune says:

    Sorry to say but we can’t rely on this England team b mediocre for a coach.If you say Roy is a mid table coach what do you call this one?

    1. Albinus olobii says:

      Lampard should traine this team on how to defend individually as players ,a number of Chelsea players loss balls easily to the opponents, start from the strikeing in the front, midle field, and eventually defence wich will definitely have alot of pressure and they concede a goal, in morinoh erra we dint loss ball easily like that.

  9. Edmond Varney Willie McGee says:

    Fellow Chelsea fans, lets give Frank Lampard a chance to go do his Job. Everybody Makes mistakes at times and frank is learning from his mistakes gradually. My Best player and currently my best coach… Greatest frankie??

    1. God'swill Aboh says:

      Playing 3 slow defenders(alonso, silva and christensen) at the same time.
      Silva was brought to deliver the defence, not to pile the misery, see what he caused? He didn’t even make effort to recover the loosed ball.

  10. nicholas simiyu says:

    Chelsea is bigger than lampard tactically,,it can’t happen that you’ve spent over two handread million dollars in market transfer and fail to win over miserable westbrom,,

  11. Leonard says:

    Lampard is to be blamed for today’s game; he likes back pass more than any Coach in EPL. He have players required to carry EPL trophy. Am disappointed.

  12. caleb muthoka says:

    even declan will not solve defensive chelsea woes,lampard hope you know who is roman and expenditure.

  13. Ayodele says:

    Please can someone tell the kind of game plan lampard is playing I think Chelsea team is bigger than him

  14. Eno says:

    Lampard is too dull to be a coach. He lacks the quality of a coach. He has no inspiration, no ideas, a team that could not change attitude despite being 3 goals down. No purposeful football. No bite. A coach who doesn’t know that Alonso, Rudiger, Emerson, Azabalaga, Loftus Cheek and that old keeper whose mates are coaching in some clubs are not good enough. So sad! It’s a shame.

  15. Moutinho Abars says:

    Pls bring Terry,he knows how to organize our backline.

  16. Saheed says:

    All the players we have are one time good with other coaches so why are they going down now? The simple fact is that Lampard is the reason. The things he knew is just attack cos that is what he does during his time. He is just another Vila Boas. If possible please let have Dimateo back cos it’s during his time we have fearest attacking forward.

  17. Mike miky says:

    Frank lampard should go pls he is a gambler and he wants to create England national team in Chelsea and this is not the job brought him to Chelsea please let him be sack right away because he is give the player and fans ahead please ibrahmovic should sack him

  18. Fasae Femi says:

    let me just tell you the truth about Chelsea football club ,Frank Lampard look like a confused manager that as run out of ideas, it can’t not bring out the best in this guy’s, Chelsea board should rather do something very fast before it’s too late.

  19. sardo says:

    I said it earlier that lampard is our problem not kepa but nobody believe it, how can you win a trophy wit a coach that has no game plan, he even struggle to win a relegation teams and all our defence are under pressure, lampard pls goooo

  20. Amusat Sulaimon says:

    Lampard is very stubborn i have said it many times but some fans against my suggestion lampard don’t want to use rudiger and is the only player to solve the problem with thiago bcos is better than others players like zouma, tomori and Christiansen also we need said benrahmon from Brentford or Memphis depay to solve the wing problem incase if ziyech and pulisic is injured but need to play ziyech, pulisic and chiwel today bcos they fit to play and remove them after 60 minutes playing to get the results bcos a good coach will probably start his best player no matter what even if they are not 100% fit to get the results once they are above 70% they can play but lampard isn’t among of the best coach only best coach can take this decision bcos lampard is just promoting english players and if he continue with this error chelsea need to sack him

  21. Charles says:

    Lampard is not even talking to them he will just sit as if he comes to watch match too

  22. Charles Essien says:

    Lampard is too inexperienced to manage Chelsea even though he’s the club legend. Why is he blaming players for his ineptitude? Rudiger is not the player he should sell for Christ sake, what is wrong with Frank? The club has brought him fame and fortune, let him not destroy Chelsea.

  23. Mr money says:

    * Lampard has no game plan
    *. Lampard is confused
    * Lampard is killing all our best players
    * Lampard is sentimental in players selection
    * Lampard is not a good coach
    * Lampard will soon scatter and sales all Chelsea best
    best player
    * Lampard is very stubborn
    * Lampard is only trying to build English national
    team maybe he’s planning to become England
    national coach
    * Lampard is a gambler
    * Very soon Lampard will sale all our good players
    and replace them with flop

  24. Joseph says:

    Is lampard a coach? No is an apprentice like him can’t coach Chelsea any where, let Chelsea look for a coach

  25. Colin Brown says:

    Frank Lampard has an obsession with playing Mason Mount, regardless of where he plays, Chelsea are crying out for an efective wide player yet Lampard instsist on playing Mount instead of Callum Hudson-Odoi. When the aforementioned appeared, he changed the game for Chelsea, but I can bet you any money Mount will start the next game on the right wing.
    If I were Hudson Odoi, I would leave Chelsea certainly whilst this idiot is in charge! Follow Tariq Lamptey and go somewhere where you will play regularly.

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