Agreement reached: Man United look set to sign defender as they reach an agreement on the final details

While the Man United board will want to be judged at the end of the transfer window, there’s no doubt that being passive in the transfer market has stunted their start to the season.

A new left back has emerged as a big priority and Porto defender Alex Telles has been repeatedly linked in recent days, and it now looks like the deal is finally set to go through – or at least someone will arrive:

If things have got to the point where final details and agent’s fees are being finalised then it must be very close to going through, while it’s interesting to see the news about a plan B.

It’s not clear who that is and it could simply be some deliberately leaked information to discourage Porto from trying to change things at the last moment, so hopefully this does reach a conclusion pretty soon.

Telles has shown he’s a quality player for Porto but he also looks like the kind of player who will take responsibility and be a leader like Bruno Fernandes, so it looks like he should be a quality addition.

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  1. yunusa Ibrahim says:

    I hate edwoodwards we want more signing

    1. Sachin says:

      We woodward is selling his mansion in the fear that it may be burned to ground

    2. Faru says:

      You need to get rid of solskjaer first. He has no clue and no voice. Just happy for having teh job. No big player will come to play. Only greedy like Sanchez will come for money. Embarrassing to watch the team. after 15 minute watching automatically start supporting the opposition.

      1. Vijayan says:

        Yes. Solskjaer is definitely an embarrassment and doesn’t have a clue to what the right strategy is. Trusting Victor Lindelof even after so many pathetic performances is unfathomable. Please get a good central defender in his place and a good right winger. Most importantly bring in Poch and oust the present Manager. Thanks

        1. Saxy fan says:

          we need to get rid of fans like you and all the above ….. True fans stand by the team win lose or draw …. Ole is doing good and needs time just like SAF before him. Stop dissing your manager and team and start being a fan

          1. ntambi benjamen says:

            u a right solskjear has lived upto the expectations
            this is the transitional tyme.Lets stand firm with sols

          2. Stratos Scott says:

            No we are fans but as l have said time and again you can not go to the races and put your money on a donkey and keep putting your money on it hoping one day it will beat horses mate you’re wasting your time it will never happen

          3. man u since 55 says:

            I’m with you Saxy fan,

          4. olamilekan says:

            that old ways bro

          5. Devin says:

            I share your sentiments. Fans need to see things in context. One cannot just say that the manager should be sacked after 2games. It is clear that we are working on our fitness as we had no pre-season. If after 3 more games our performance standards remain the same then there should be some cause for concern. Man city showed themselves what can happen as they basically had no pre-season either. Let’s support our team an whatch football for what it is. GGMU.

          6. G says:

            Absolutely right.

          7. Kyrsmeko says:

            That’s why you and Ole remain visionless

          8. stan heard says:

            well said saxy ..if those above ole cant support him they should go, ,i e glazers & dithering ed woodhead out out out now give our club a chance STOP MILKING US bye & good riddens

      2. Ngu Tabeng says:

        Sanchez was brought to the club under Mourinho,not Solsjaer

    3. Gillac lahm says:

      Yes bro I need more signings in our team mostly our defence is so poor

  2. jonathan says:

    Can’t he be sacked (woodward)?

  3. G Cyrus Gonkarnue says:

    We need one center defender to pair with Harry Maguire. Victor Lindelof is very weak. Moreover, we need world class striker to compute with Anthony martial because he’s bluffing man utd. We need very young and strong potential players right now because we are going to compute with other big teams in the champion League this season.

  4. Baban Dawaki says:

    We dont want see pogba again just gooooo!

    1. GHALEEYSALISU says:

      Yes my brother same to you

    2. kakalito says:

      no pogba is a key in manchester united

  5. Colin Clarke says:

    I can’t believe any story til the deal is signed and sealed, but Tellers would be a great addition to the team and the squad. But most of our troubles have come down our right so far this season and we are really missing a dedicated defensive central midfielder to offer more protection to our defence. We are wide open at the moment and if Brighton can create the chances they did imagine what the top teams will be able to do to us. Get the deals done and strengthen our squad.

    1. paul kateregga says:

      Collin your right,because if asmall team like Brighton can creat more chance ,then how about the bigger teams with quality attacking forces.

  6. Robert Wandatti says:

    I think Woodward and Ole must go nothing they have done since, they use to sell perfect players and they don’t want to sign.

  7. Kerian -kennedy says:

    we desperately need a right winger!!!!.

    1. Jim says:

      Does no one know that we need a Central defender more than anything For god sake open your eyes

  8. Bobby Goodwin says:

    I have followed the best club in the world MU since i was 5 years old. This CEO is virtually dismantling the greatest club in the world,we need quality players not quantity,listen to the Manager he will advise of what type of player is required,don’t blame Ole,the board has a lot to answer for the mess we are currently experiencing.

  9. john kitheka says:

    we need defender and one striker

    1. Luba James says:

      With this defensive partner, MUN will never ever win trophy this season 2020-2021

  10. Wale says:

    Woodward is the problem the club is having because he refuse to move the club forward by his reluctance of buying quality players .
    He is trying to drag the good job done by OLE GONNER SOKJAER into the mud.
    Woodward only have the interest of making money for the other management other than interest of the performance of the players and happiness of the fans.
    He needs to leave the club .

    1. Kenneth Mwansa says:

      Does CV19 pandemic on affect Manchester United? How have smaller teams managed to strengthen their sides?

  11. Geoffrey Wavamunno says:

    Even the best professor can’t help a vegetable to get an A u can’t expect a senior lecturer (Solskaejear) to make the current NAN u squad winners. Let Edwoodward and the board support him or else we are destined for perpetual tears.

  12. max alvins says:

    Woodward have to go

  13. viron says:

    Victor lindelof to leave he is too weak

  14. Adewunmi prince says:

    endwood is not Manchester united problem is ole gunner ole is not capable to handle Manchester united is a small coach man u should go and get coach in burdesliga

  15. Kiiza Lawrence says:

    Man u should go for Leicester city coach and replace Solskjaer or go for Diego Simeon from atletico Madrid other Wise me as man u fan iam not happy with solskjaer

  16. Victor says:

    The problem is Woodward and the board,man u is a big club and we need quality not quantity so don’t blame ole ,he is a good coach give him what he wants then watch if he will not perform

  17. Rasheed Montana says:

    We still have issues even if allex telles is signed.we need a right winger and a standard center back unlike(Lindelof) so shaky
    Ole is somehow the problem of Manchester United sometimes he need to start pairing Baily and Maguire together
    The major problem is Woodward he is such a castrated being

  18. Daniel David Baraka says:

    I will blame ole because of using stupid and useless tactics.
    Have you notice no other team in the world currently plays boring football that united poor passes, poor counter attack, poor defending and less in scoring goals.
    What a useless manager

    1. Abbas Adamu says:

      Actually Manchester lack competence because our coach is not competence ole need to be sacked

  19. Joseph Eyamba says:

    We need quality players to push for Crow
    2 or 3 good ones will be nice to be added in the team

  20. Small Doctor Jr says:

    I don’t understand even know what is wrong with you hat stupid man that’s call Woodward he don’t know how to buy players buy Alex Telles now he is good in attack and Harry maguire partner ooooo including jadon sancho
    If u what to chat with me this is my WhatsApp number 08079859622. Good luck man utd players, fans and club

  21. Chandu says:

    Ole has to go, he doesn’t have good strategy up his sleeve. Ed should go as well. We should not go for statement signing, instead we can buy 3 good dynamic, sizzling players for that money. Pogba for that money was a total waste, never proved the worth

  22. DC says:

    Why do Ole really trust lazy players like Pogba, Martial, Rashford & Lindelöf ? “He will never finish in top again & win any trophy at Man U”

  23. Solomon Solomon says:

    We need more signing

  24. shaun buffel says:

    Ole is not the problem everything lies with woodward and the board like Patrice Evra said Manchester is a big club with a great history. how do they just let it sunk like that. they must gave Ole they full support and sign the players he want.

  25. kez says:

    so funny ppl say ole is the problem when its the board .. look at Oly’s signing James, Wan, Harry, Bruno, Donny all but James have improved the team we end up 3rd all while being under the current board. no manager since sir Alex has been able to make such positive changes while trying to keep our identity. Most of you have no clue .

    1. TK says:

      That’s wrong! Recall Mourinho won the Europa league and the following year came out in 2nd place. The issue right now is Ed Woodward and the board who never responds to the demand of the team manager. It happened to Mourinho and now it’s happening to OGS. OGS as he was called still carries a baby face and can not fight for his demand.

  26. Daniel Medugu says:

    Woodward is not good enough, we like to see good players coming in, but the case is not. MUFC

  27. sloxzy says:

    Am sick and tired of rumours rumbling around the transfer market…Edwood ward u are a disgrace to manchester united,just to finalise sancho deal is lyk a trillion km why.

  28. Raj Bhagwandin says:

    dont blame woodward solsjare is to blame . he has good players and are not using them
    bailly smalling and dalot are world class players and hes not playing them. fire Ole and bring in potch

  29. Smith E.O says:

    I think Man United need to get rid of the greedy executive firewood first because even though the bring in POCH ! Nothing is going to change… executive firewood knows exactly what United need right now but he’s been too greedy to see that until he gives fans heartstrings, that’s is when he goingb to be happy. I just truly love Man United else I should have quite until executive firewood leave..Ole I just pity you for accepting that Job because at last you will be sack like other coaches that executive firewood made them look as if they were not good enough so advise you to resign from your position.Thank you..God no go shame us United fans

  30. Joachim says:

    A new manager is needed to replace ole, he has voice, doesn’t command, the way he sits right from the beginning of the match to the end as if he’s a spectator.

  31. Adole says:

    Man u will finish 9 on table this season because of Ed Woodward and the board, and I will join Bayern or leed United, pls Rashford leave Ed Woodward and join better club and shine no wonder why Pogba wanted to leave that time, can u imagine Donny on bench bailly on bench, Sancho pending missed up on Haaland,telles pending, coman not mention, jens Petter Hauge, pending, ah man u what is happening, sign Sancho for us and another champions league striker with center back again

  32. It's draxler says:

    What do you mean Raj?… So u say Smalling now is a good player abi? If you were the manager, would you start dalot over wan bisaka? Smalling over Lindelof at least…
    I only hold Ole responsible in Maguire’s partnership.Bailly is a good partner with Maguire over Lindelof….

  33. tomer says:

    Hope sancho and Telles will sign.
    need to put Bailly next to Magwaier and put lindelof on the Bench.
    open with Van de beak instead of Pogbe

  34. James Augustus Tarawallie says:

    Ole is not the problem for man United. The problem for United is Woodward. He is taking two years to negotiate for one player. Buy the necessary players for the team and the coach.

  35. James Augustus Tarawallie says:

    Jose, Van Gaal , now Ole Woodward is not answering the calls of the managers. Woodward is the problem and not the managers.

  36. RICHARD A BUNTEN says:

    Why all the talk about a partner for Maguire? Maguire is the problem, he is utterly useless and the worst centre back of the 6 we have available, yes even worse than Jones!


    Ole s not the issue guys. It’s the glazers plus their woodword! If those two gives ole what he needs, trust me man united can and will be back to winning ways. The problem is that both wood and glazers dont understand hw the game of football rly works. They re after money meanwhile forgeting that if the team s doing well.. the more money they will make!

  38. Solomon says:

    Manchester United should sign him before others does

  39. Bryan nsembe says:

    Of course ole is trying his jst know patience pains bt pays

  40. Solomon says:

    What are they waiting for…. sign him

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