Exclusive: Frank Lampard to blame for Chelsea struggles, says Blues legend with damning season prediction

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Chelsea legend Alan Hudson has given a damning assessment of the state of the team under manager Frank Lampard.

Despite a summer of heavy investment, the Blues have made a poor start to the season, with yesterday’s 3-3 draw with West Brom a particularly concerning display.

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Chelsea found themselves 3-0 down before half time and Hudson feels there can be no excuse for the players they’ve brought in being so slow to settle in, considering their quality.

Hudson reserved specific criticism for veteran defender Thiago Silva in our piece here, but also generally feels that things don’t generally look like improving under Lampard.

Speaking to CaughtOffside, the ex-Blue made it clear he felt Lampard has only himself to blame for the team’s poor fortunes.

“Frank has been guilty of setting up his team wrong before, especially against Liverpool, and had this had been at Anfield with Mane, Salah and Firmino playing it might have been ten,” Hudson said.

“Chelsea were lucky West Brom went onto the back-foot, they could not believe their luck, therefore giving Chelsea all that space.

“The new boys look like they want to change their minds about signing, and the incredible thing is you could not tell the new signings from those who had been messing up before they got there.

Chelsea manager Frank Lampard has struggled to get the best out of this side

“Frank has brought it all on himself as he thinks his young players are better than they are. I haven’t seen anything to tell me that Chelsea will be any different from before.

“I’m not one for believing players need time – on my debut against West Germany I only had one match to prove myself, and against Liverpool for Stoke, had I not given a top performance I would have been looked at as a flop signing.

“These players are getting big money and, for me, I expect big performances not disappointment. It’s almost as if they have the big move, banked the money and go through the motions. (Timo) Werner looks to be trying, as one person pointed out, but isn’t that what he’s paid to do?”

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    1. we havent seen anything yet. he has been blaming players cesar, , kepa, rudiger, zouma, alonso and emerson. he has brought in his own and chelsea has already shipped in 6 goals in 3 matches. its going to be worse. poor team selection from day one. u wonder why he sidelines cesar, zouma, giroud, rudiger, and sticks by christensen, james, abraham and changes the line up week after week. every fan knows giroud, kante and cesar are chelsea’s best players

      1. He is not qualifiled to be chelsea’s maneger
        because since he came, the he has not choosen his first 11
        He dont have first 11 authomatically

        1. always fielding different squads,different. Formations…..eg Cabarello and Thiago are Lampards agemates….where’s my Rudiger….sell him and don’t regret

  1. frank lanpart is one of chelsea prolem,is better blue should look for an experience coach frank did not some of is player,and he should allow every player 2play is normal possition


  3. Big problem is frank always poor line-up.he don’t even learn from the previous games it’s high time for him to keave

  4. Lampard should be fired cos, he is unnecessarily stubborn. Fielding players in wrong position is his problem cos he wants to protect some players at the detriment of others.p

    1. I think lampard is trying to infuzd something new into the team mode of playing and style. He want almost all the players to be able to play in two to three different positions but he lack the technicality to do that.He approaches most of Chelsea games with wrong selection , and he doesn’t even listen to advice from big coaches . He’s trying to promote English players, “fine” but at the detriment of the club progresses despite the heavy lavishing he’s done in window transfer is what I don’t seem to wonna reckon with. If he’s ready to work without sentiment in player selection, I believe he’s gonna be one of the best names among coaches and football club managers vise versa .

  5. I think Lampard has little or no experience to coach a big club like Chelsea. He came from nowhere to coach a big club. He’s not sound technically that’s why Chelsea struggle in all matches.

  6. I am still saying it that, Chelsea is going no where as long as lampard is still there, lampard is not imparting any ideals in this players since last season till now, no difference, no improvement, I wonder why people always say, we should give him time, time to do what?, Pls lampard is not due to coach a team like Chelsea for now, Chelsea board should look for another manager if they want the team to progress.

    1. 4th position last year with no signing fa cup final,u people are ungrateful last season is not novice coache but because of spending this season things are not going the it want, now his is novice,mind u league just started ah still believe in him 5 match to 7 match everything will gell well ah believe.

      1. Bro Just read what you wrote. Will you pray for your past to be better than your presence? What you are saying is not adding up. He should relegate the Team because he qualify them for Champions League Abi? Rubbish. You are calling people in great for saying the truth

  7. absolutely, lamp is not yet mature as coach he lack some experience, the players are good, we need a coach like pochetino

  8. Sentiment in team selection, poor game reading and technical prowesses of the game are the major problem cum inability to motivate players preparing them for games. They played without hunger and fierceness: nothing show they’re playing to win, so indefference in the way they attack game.

    No hunger, no fire, and no thirst in all the lads! Lamp needs to change his approach to games.

  9. I have said it times without number, Lampard is a boy coach. We need a real coach to coach Chelsea…. I wonder what the board members are still waiting for. Kick him out, he doesn’t know the scope of the game.

  10. silva has only played 60mins of football this season and lampard selects him ahead of zouma, tomori and cesar. and giroud vas been the best striker and lampard has an obsession with abraham who gets 10 cvances and scores once. something is wrong with lampard and morris.

  11. Please dey should sack lampard Chelsea is a very Big club,is a average coach he dose not have experience look as the fine with Asernal how he lose the fine because of in experience.in too stementer he should go please.

  12. Lampard need to play 3,5,3 rudiger, thiago and zouma then chiwel, kante, kovacic, havert and azplicueta finally ziyech, wener, pulisic he can use one goalkeeper out keeper bcos we have best three keeper in the he should stop promoting english players bcos they’re average players english team b you promote players like sancho, raheem stirling rashford walkers dele ali kane and so on bcos all this player is great if lampard want to achieve he needs to listen and take advice of people and we need said benrahmon from Brentford or Memphis depay to solve the wing problem incase if ziyech and pulisic is injured and lampard must keep rudiger by all means

  13. How on Earth Will lampard in his wildest dreams drop Azpilicueta, Zouma and Rudiga on the bench, who was he planning to play the defence with?.
    And for the fact that lampard gave the captain band to a player who is having his first appearance for the team is quite pathetic.

  14. Lampard is an in-eperience lad pls Chelsea board show him way out before is too late after incredible signing of player this summer.playing player out of position,refusal to field rudiger to the field of play and different formation among the problem lampard has since last season,so am not convinced lampard can improve the Chelsea team.therefore send lampard a way

  15. Lampard should learn to use players in there right position playing players out of dere positions is wat is killing Chelsea he so much believe in mount I dnt knw y he wats to use English boys by all means even when dey are not doing well look at James defending very poor he should b sack so dat English boys we follow him lampard wants to turn Chelsea to English fc

    1. Yeah,so centimeter in teams of his team serrection,pool performance because of English players, he should be their

  16. 4th position last year with no signing fa cup final,u people are ungrateful last season is not novice coache but because of spending this season things are not going the it want, now his is novice,mind u league just started ah still believe in him 5 match to 7 match everything will gell well ah believe.

  17. The problem with Chelsea is not striking forces we have all we need on strike what we need is defence.our problem last season is defense and we’re still facing the same problem this season.s spending money on strikers is not solution.we need a coach.

  18. Were was Ben Chilwell and Pulisic, Frankie Lampard love to change team every week #1 problem #2 Lampard is selfish, Chelsea is a good term with good players but Lamperd thinks his is still in the championship no Lamps , lastly l’m giving frank 5 games starting *5 from Crystal Palace if he fair to deliver He must gooooooooooo ,

    1. Lampard should try and have his first 11 so that they can blend together, and above all he is too sentimental.

  19. their is no problem with the players the only problem is the coach that doesn’t know where to his players. we are now becoming a championship club since we can’t even win a relegation team

  20. Chelsea will never improve under Lamps,he doesn’t know which direction the team should go,try and error that’s what he’s been he doesn’t know team selection feverism why benching ceaser the captain? James was awlfu against Liverpool & he started him against westbroom why? Putting players I wrong positions how can they perform? Every game he changes personality & system also he doesn’t talk the team is down playing badly he’s sitting comfortably , shame he should have been an assistant

  21. Plz we need to be a bit patient with Lampard. He was great last year without signing anyone. The new signings need more time to adapt to the physical and fast English premier league. Another challenge is related to injuries, the likes of Pulisich, Zyech and Ben, which can bring impact . Mendy can also take lion’s share not to concede simple goals. I’m 100% confident that Chelsea will IMPROVE and will finish in 1-3 in the table. but he should not play Alonso & Kepa again !!!
    My preferred line-up (Best 11): Mendy (GK), Cezar (RB), Zouma (CB), Dclan (CB), Ben (LB), Kante (DM), Kovacic (DM), Pulsic (LW), Havetz (AM), Zyech (RW), Werner (FW)

  22. I have said it and again lampart is inexperience boy coach. Look at from first year from championsship to coach big club like chelsea. He never take advice he never play players in their position. He never do good team seletions even changing.lampart is chelsea problem our defence and keeper is not this poor till lampart take over chelsea we have been experincing so many thing also turning chelse to english team with his partner mason mount. Pls lampart go away from chelse or you will disgrace very soon before december 2020.

  23. Frank Lampard is an average coach; Chelsea needs a more experienced coach.
    He is also sentimental in his choice of players. That is why every match Chelsea keeps struggling, conceeding goals as if the club has the worst defence in Europe.
    Many fans, from my survey are leaving Chelsea; Lampard will not be able to deliver even in the next three seaso. It’s not a prayer or curse, it’s a fact.
    Sack him before it becomes too late!!!

  24. Lampard doesn’t even know is starting 11 team as of now,so the board need to intervene or we will not be able to make it with the other big teams

  25. Lampard is not playing with the best we have but rather the ones he love.caberallo,alonso,mount and abraham just to pace way for them before all the squad are fit to play.how can he say havertz can play as no. 8 meaning he is trying to create space for mount to bench kovacic.how can you pick tomori,christensen and zouma ahead rudiger.from stugart to Dortmund to Roma to Chelsea.a player who benched John Terry and Gary cahill in 2017.appearing in the best top 5 passers in the league 2018/2019 season,top 5 defenders with most accurate passes.making his debut in 2014 and playing in all competition ‘s involve.tragedy of life is not what man suffer but rather what man miss. letting go of a player who is needed by the likes of Barcelona, psg,napoli and Roma is stupid

    1. The coach remembered how in his first game last season attacked Man United and get bashed 4-0. This early season, he told his players to drag their feet. Unfortunate! My advice. Because he has quality upfront, apply attack minded players, they will get the work done. His second half introduction against WB was an eye opener

  26. Lambard is doing sentimental chooses England players Dan, how can he play christinesen Abram James,. What happened to Rudiger play syva nd Rudiger 5 nd 6 y aspricuata 2 nd Ben chiew 3 dat is my opinion

  27. Lampard should be sacked immediately, bcos he has nothing to offer to Chelsea fc as a coach…
    He is tactically poor, can’t read matches..

  28. I do not agree with you Mr. poster. Chelsea have played more than three games and have had more goals than conceived.

  29. Lampard is a great manager, remember how Chelsea would have been if not for Lampard, many Experience coach u saw today failed to make top four(4) don’t u every blames the coach, but for sure Chelsea will come good soon.

  30. I think lampard need more time to recruit his best 11 as for now everybody have the reason to complain course it pains when ur belove club plays below expectation

  31. Hey guys, you should give lamps a breather. He took up the job when non of those so called big coaches wanted the job because of the difficult situation we found ourselves last season. It was this lamps who took the job and steered us through trouble waters and back in game. If he could see us through last season with nothing, then, we are going places now he has something. All he now needs from us fans is patience, time and support, not all these unwarranted call his sack. Lamps is one of best things that has ever happened to cfc in recent yrs.

  32. The fact remains there is Lampard love English brother player
    if u look in our last game u can see that one
    so Lampard most go

  33. Lampard is a racist. He wants to turn the team into England B. That’s why he can’t sacrifice Mount. I think he also want to bring his own philosophy to the game. He’s a dictator who does not allow players to express their opinion on position they want to play in.

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