Video: AFTV’s Troopz has an absolute meltdown during Arsenal’s defeat to Liverpool

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Troopz absolutely lost the plot during Arsenal’s defeat to Liverpool yesterday on AFTV.

Watch below as rival fans dub this “comedy gold” as Troopz goes on a very long and very loud swearing rant at the referee during the Gunners’ 3-1 defeat at Anfield…

Arsenal went 1-0 up through Alexandre Lacazette but Liverpool came back to win fairly comfortably in the end, even if there was some controversy.

Sadio Mane looked to get away with a bad challenge that could have been a red card, and a number of other decisions went against Arsenal as Troopz absolutely rages at the referee over “daylight robbery”.

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  1. Conspiracy theory. I cannot see any justification on the side of the referee why Mane was kept on the pitch after that foul on KT.

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