Photo: Eric Dier awards his Man of the Match award to the toilet after disaster almost struck against Chelsea

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There will come a time in everyone’s life where they almost get caught short at a dreadful moment, but it seems fair to suggest that Eric Dier had to put up with a lot tonight.

One of the best things about the extensive coverage in football is that every single angle is covered on the TV broadcast, so it meant that there was no chance of him slipping away unnoticed for a couple of minutes.

Just to make things extra obvious, Jose Mourinho ran down the tunnel afterwards so that made everyone aware of what was going on.

It sounds like a nightmare for Dier because clearly he’s feeling unwell and he would know that everyone will be furious if Chelsea score while he’s gone, but having Jose Mourinho banging on the door and telling you to hurry up really is the stuff of nightmares:

Thankfully everything ended okay and Dier completed a man of the match performance, while Spurs also went through on penalties.

At this point you would be forgiven for thinking that a fairly basic bodily function has been given far too much attention, but Dier has doubled down and posted this picture on his Instagram shortly after the game:


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