Kiyo Brown | 19 | RW | The prolific diamond in the National League’s rough

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Sutton Common Rovers attacker Kiyo Brown is creating quite a storm in the National League.

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Brown, 19, has spent the last three years with ‘The U’s’ reserves side in a spell which has seen him become one of the club’s most promising talents.

Having racked up a hugely impressive 25 goals in all competitions last season, Brown has already kicked this campaign off with a bang after being directly involved in five goals in his side’s first four matches.

Under the guidance of industry leading agency ‘Game of Two Halves‘, the Sutton Rovers youngster has managed to create a perfect balance between continuing his impressive development and becoming in key figure in his side’s success.


Brown joined Sutton’s Rovers in 2017 at the tender age of 16 and has since gone onto become one of the National League’s most prolific and exciting attackers.

The gifted attacker spent the five years prior to his arrival at Sutton with Brentford’s academy and after imposing himself on his side’s youth set-up, Brown has cemented his place as one of Sutton Rovers’ brightest talents in recent history.

Brown is no stranger to finding the back of the net after showcasing a youth career littered with goal contributions.

During his five years with Brentford (2010 – 2015), the youngster was the club’s top-scorer in every season.

Most recently, Brown finished his second season with Sutton Rovers with a hugely impressive 25 goals in all competitions.

Despite the campaign being cut short due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic Brown was still able to rack up a very respectable tally for both Sutton Rovers’ under-19s and under-23s.

Style of Play

Brown is a naturally left-footed attacking wide-man who’s best role is operating as an inside forward situated on the right-flank.

Despite being best suited to cutting inside from wide attacking areas, Brown is also more than accomplished in using his right foot.

Although mostly instructed to act as an inside forward, via the use of his other foot, the versatile teenager can also operate as a more traditional winger if ever required to do so.

Although versatile, the exciting wide-attacker is often stationed on the far right handside of a midfield four with the sole intention of driving his side forward as he looks to make the pitch as wide as possible.

Brown is a pacey and highly technical wide-attacker who possesses all the capabilities required to be a devastating modern inside forward.

The 19-year-old will often tangle up his opposition full-back by cutting inside, Brown draws on his ability to operate in tight spaces and his agility to manoeuvre his way into danger areas before unleashing a shot on goal or setting a team-mate up.

The exciting attacker is a thoroughly consistent performer who always proves to be an offensive outlet for his side. His ability to stretch the game makes his presence particularly invaluable when pushing for a late goal.

Arguably one of Brown’s most deadliest attributes is his ability to run with the ball, his superb on-ball movement allows him the necessary time to be able to get his head up and pick a pass.

Although most dangerous when cutting inside of his man from a one-on-one position, Brown isn’t shy of whipping a ball into the box either.

The talented attacker has the technical know-how of when to whip a ball in and when to float one in. Brown’s team-mates are often able to benefit from their wide-man’s overall impressive wing-play.


Brown has the physical stature often associated with a professional wide-attacker. Standing at five feet nine inches tall and weighing just shy of 11 stone, Brown has a slender frame with all his explosive power coming from his legs.

The 19-year-old, who still has plenty of time to continue his physical development already has the perfect physical outline of an agile player who is capable of beating his man by unleashing short but highly energetic bursts of pace.


Undoubtedly, Brown’s most impressive attributes are his ball control skills, his agility when running at high speed, his eye for goal and his overall wing-play.

Throughout his young career, Brown has already proven to possess some seriously impressive offensive capabilities and when combined with his explosiveness create a prolific goal scoring wide-attacker who also has the ability to dictate proceedings and instantly alter a game’s momentum.

Despite being situated on the wing, once inside of his opponent’s area, Brown has a lethal eye for goal. This is demonstrated by the fact the teenager has finished every season as his side’s top marksman.

Brown’s technical competence extends further than his ability to operate out wide, the devastating wide-man also has a hugely impressive range of shots.

The Sutton Rovers attacker has a remarkable ability to know when to opt for a shot designed to break the back of the net and when to fool his opposition’s goalkeeper into making the first crucial move in one-on-one situations.

It is impossible to label Brown with having a trademark style of shot due to the young attacker being more than capable of placing, chipping and smashing his way to double figures season after season.

In addition to Brown’s natural attacking talent, the youngster also has some superb physical traits, most notably his ability to beat his man and come off best in one-on-one situations.

The athletic wide-man is extremely nimble whilst still being physically resilient.

Projected Development

Brown has all the makings of becoming one of England’s most sought after attackers. His youth records speak for itself.

The talented youngster is exceptionally prolific in front of goal and despite being just 19-years-old has a genuinely mature game which has been demonstrating one more than one occasion having featured several times for his side’s under-23s.

When put in high-pressured situations, Brown rarely makes the wrong decision. The young Englishman is able to successfully differentiate between when the correct play is to set his team-mate up and when he should be taking on the opposition himself.

If Brown continues to perfect his style of play whilst racking up valuable competitive experience, there is no reason why this exciting teenager cannot take England’s higher leagues by storm.


Devastating in wide one-one-one positions, this proven goalscorer’s professional game has all the elements required to launch him into the forefront of top-tier english football.

By utilising his technical and physical traits, Brown genuinely is one of the National League’s most exciting prospects.

With a playing style wise beyond his years, Brown’s daring ability to drive his side forward and at times, win games by himself could see him become one of english football’s most sought after commodities.

Flourishing as a young attacking inside forward, Brown’s game will go from strength to strength the more game-time he is awarded.

Often unplayable among his current peers in a modernised role, Sutton United’s youngster is arguably one of the game’s most naturally gifted talents who is unquestionably destined for great things.

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