Video: Landon Donovan sends powerful message after San Diego Loyal abandon game over homophobic slur

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Former Everton star Landon Donovan, now in charge of San Diego Loyal, made a powerful statement after his side abandoned a game due to one of their players being the victim of a homophobic slur.

San Diego ace Collin Martin, who is openly gay, was allegedly targeted with a homophobic insult by a Phoenix Rising player, as Donovan explains in the video below…

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The former USA international has made it clear that his club won’t stand for this, following a similar incident when one of their players was racially abused in a recent game.

Donovan’s side were winning 3-1 but refused to play the second half as the player who made the alleged remark was not removed from the match.

It’s great to see this powerful statement being made by a big-name coach, and hopefully it will ensure football’s governing bodies can work harder to stamp xenophobic language of any kind out of the beautiful game.

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