Video: Unhappy Tammy Abraham dragged away from taking the penalty by Azpilicueta against Palace

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A penalty is such a simple yet brilliantly easy way of scoring a goal and everything is loaded in the taker’s favour, so the last thing you need is to reduce those chances.

Tammy Abraham did win a penalty against Palace today and Jorginho missed from the sport recently so you could understand that he would want to take it.

Despite that it’s obvious that the Italian was the designated taker and Azpilicueta has to drag him away from the box here, so it’s a pretty dreadful look for Abraham:

To be fair to the striker he does congratulate Jorginho afterwards so that’s good to see, but it does make you wonder if Frank Lampard has a discipline problem when players will openly revolt like this.

Lampard had to deal with Didier Drogba doing something similar in his playing days, but the main thing is the penalty was scored and the game was easily won.

You can only imagine the outcry if this was missed and the game turned..

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