“Playing with 9 men”- These Man United fans slam “shocking” defender after meltdown vs Spurs

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It’s amazing to think that it wasn’t long ago when Man United had taken the lead against Spurs thank to a first minute penalty from Bruno Fernandes.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has being trying to defend the club all summer for making no reinforcements in the defence this summer, but that has come back to haunt them today after a total meltdown at the back.

Spurs are 4-1 up at half time and it should be a bigger margin, so it’s unlikely that any Man United players are going to come out of this with much credit.

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Luke Shaw has been an absolute standout today for the wrong reasons, but his positioning for the fourth goal was amazing to see.

He abandons his wing and decides to pop up between the centre backs, before sprinting out of the box to allow two Spurs players a free run at the ball in the box.

The fans have been quick to turn on Shaw on Twitter, and it’s not positive reading:

At least there is some positive news with a deal for Alex Telles looking like it’s nearly done, while the Brazilian will be able to walk into this team after the performance today.

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  1. This mumu idealess coach will still praise n use him n bench telles what is pogba still doing in d field?

  2. Why can anyone talk reality???????

    How many defenders shall we blame?
    Away from De Gea Smalling is one of THE VERY BEST IN EUROPE.

    Same defence Romero will keep CLEAN SHEETS

  3. Does man United even training about marking see full space marking and Luke Shaw prolessness player I know this kind of player are man United player and Pogba out match wrong passing useless martial reterleating causing red card man United full of big man playing without no club complaining

  4. I am a passionate United fan but have been saying for more than a year that the best hope for United would be to be relegated.
    Then, hopefully, the Glazers would sell to a proper football lover, Woodward could stick to financial matters and Manchester United could finally become a proper football club once more.

    1. You might be right but personally we need to hit them where it hurts and that is in the pocket. Stop buying kits, boots, memorabilia, balls and anything sold by United. Also cancel all TV sport subscriptions and that will hit the advertisers hard. Sponsors will abandon them if every supporter did this. The Glazers would be forced to sell. Of course it won’t happen as supporters want to support the team.

  5. I think it’s about time man u board learns from their stupid decision, for how long should we wait to see some changes, nearly a decade since sir Alex, should the Glazer’s sell the club??

  6. In the following order get rid
    Glaziers ALL OF THEM immediately
    and Woodward …….none of these give a toss about the club….. just money.
    Ole….how do you buy a player and not play him when you have Pogba wandering round smoking his cigar? Why does he not see that Bissaka cant attack and is having a mare defensively and why cant he see that Shaw cant defend ? Not ever going to challenge the chairman because he knows he is in a job that is way above his managerial level. Love the guy but cant see him being there very long…Will be the first to go to deflect away from the boards totally inept pathetic embarrassing non actions in the transfer window….
    Shaw, [Rojo and Smalling both better AT full backs than him ]
    Bring in a defensive midfielder that is quick and tackles
    Who is marshalling the defence
    Pogba, why he is played as a defensive midfielder is beyond me continuously loses the ball cant play with back to play and doesn’t tackle without fouling.
    Lindelöf would probably be better as a defensive midfielder anyway. The only person today that comes out with any credit was Patrice …..its called passion.

  7. It’s a pity watching united those days..It seems that good days are gone for ever n ever..Forget about Shaw ..Ole is a flop
    .He was a good striket but managing Team ls not his cup of tea..He should leave immediately..Man Utd will have to fight n avoid relagation this season..


    OLE sacked by Manchester United after embarrassing loss to former manager Mourinho and Spurs..

    Please be the news on the front pages….

    1. Ole is performing his job with his hands tied by Woodward and the Glazer gang. Sponsors demand that certain players be in the team to show off their products. The big players who put hundreds of millions into the Glazers hands insist on the likes of Pogba being in the team. Not Ole’s fault at all, he does his best with what little he has. The whole system is rotten to the core.

  9. Mourinho was never the problem at utd..he is proving that with totenhum..the players should take the blame…

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